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When Jesus walked the earth those who wanted the love and anointing that He had became true disciples and followers of Him.  They let go of the demons that had legal rights to torment them from their past hurts by listening to what Jesus talked about and then forgiving those who hurt them and repenting for their pride and sin to become like Christ.  Those who hated Jesus had evil hearts and minds and refused to forgive people and kept their pride so were infected with the demons tormenting their thoughts.  Some of the Pharisees and scribes hated Jesus because they were filled with pride, arrogance and jealousy (demons) and wanted to turn other people in the church and region against Him. While most Christians want to get along with all people, unfortunately those who are listening to demons in their minds will manifest against the Jesus in us.  So we will never be able to truly “get along” with people who have hearts and minds that are evil.  If we do tolerate the evil in others (and that includes those in the church today who are like the Pharisees and scribes) then we are not doing what Jesus did…

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