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Getting Physical Healing Through Deliverance of Spirits

This past weekend I was able to participate in a launch of a Healing Rooms at Deeper Life Church in Redondo Beach, CA as well as to connect with people at Bethel Church in Sanger, CA and in a personal home in Fresno, CA. I really enjoy working personally with people because I love seeing the Holy Spirit get to the root of the issue to dislodge what needs to be done from a spiritual perspective instead of immediately praying for physical pain like I was initially trained on by a church that did not follow the Holy Spirit. When I first opened up my own Healing Room back in October of 2015 the Lord told me to always get insight on what was going on in the person's life by first getting a word from the Holy Spirit. The reason was that often times the pains were being caused by the enemy spirit and were not due to a fall, car accident or other physical trauma. So what I do is ask the Lord for a word and then I speak out what I hear. I have found that the Holy Spirit knows exactly what needs to be done…

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