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When people get hurt growing up (wounds from their father, mother, step parents, sexual violations / porn) the enemy comes in to speak to their thoughts and cause them not to trust people or God.  The enemy then causes them to listen to him and believe that only their own decisions are the best but then they end up making bad decisions.  Then after their decisions turn out to have bad results – instead of owning it – they blame others for the bad results.  Having relationships with prideful people is never a good thing.  They believe that you are fortunate that they would give you any of their precious time or allow you to enjoy their presence.  They expect you to give them anything that they want and that you should bow down to them in honor.  They want all of your money so they can spend it on what they want never caring about your desires. Then when it comes to a sexual relationship – there is no intimacy whatsoever and you must gratify all their desires whenever and however they desire it. Unfortunately pride blocks all intimacy with those who love you.  It causes people to want…

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