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The Lord’s house – the church – is going through quite the worldwide shaking right now as many are shut down completely and most are limping along making people wear masks and social distance while pleading with them to continue to give them all their tithes even if they just have an online service.  Unfortunately the state of God’s house has been in disrepair for quite a long time as most pastors became complacent to preach the whole truth about forgiveness, repenting for sin and pride and then getting delivered.  They didn’t want to offend anyone as they were concerned they might have people not like to actually be convicted for their sin and when they hurt other people like their spouse and children.  They thought people might take an offense and walk out their door and take their tithes with them.  So they watered down their messages to tell people that they were all saved no matter what their current fruit looked like. Instead the churches focused on making sure they offered coffee and donuts, played beautiful sounding music with no convicting songs or times of coming to the altar to repent, and made sure that their messages were…

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