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So many people have been programmed to be “good little Christians” and to obey your leaders and rulers and do what you are told to do.  That if you disobey your leaders then you are sinning and will face the consequences of disobedience.   To never question what you are told to do and if you do then you are being rebellious.   This is what happened in round one of the pandemic back in April as most people believed what they were being fed because it appeared to be true what the liberal media was trying to convince the world of. Trying to instill an unhealthy fear that a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate is somehow the most feared situation the world has ever seen.   Trying to force healthy people to wear a mask for the first time in world history out of fear.  Now we can all see that this was simply a plan to try to force various states to accept mail-in ballots that would allow hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes for Biden and to try to shut down businesses in the US so that Biden could force socialism upon the greatest country in the world –…

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