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As long as the enemy has legal rights to torment your mind with negative and evil thoughts (whether you have chosen to become a Christian or not) then you will never be able to truly change.   This is why when couples go to counseling and are told to love and respect their spouse better and behave more godly and loving…it rarely ever works.  They simply try to do better for a day or two and then slip back into the regular modes of striving and arguing because they keep hearing the enemy tell them they are right and their spouse is wrong and they have feelings of jealousy, rejection, etc. So what gives demons legal rights to torment people (Christians included)? So what gives demons legal rights to torment Christians?  Their souls (mind, will and emotions) have been hurt and they still have feelings of unforgiveness and pain in their hearts for people who have hurt them because the demons keep giving them negative thoughts every day, They need to have Jesus come to heal them and then once the legal rights are taken away they can command the demons to go.  So what are some of the ways that…

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