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The enemy loves to provoke people every day in order to get them to lose their peace in various ways such as with fear, anger, jealousy, feeling rejected or lust just to name a few. The enemy knows where you are weakest in your broken soul and will target you there repeatedly through various ways hundreds and thousands of times over your lifetime unless you get your soul wounds healed by Jesus and command the demons to go that are able to attach. If you have an anger issue then he will irritate you with things that will cause you to get angry easily. He may have people say or do things that cause you to lose it. He may cause irritants during your day so that things don’t flow as easily for you as you would like so that you become frustrated and ultimately angry. Then he will usually give you thoughts to blame you for being too angry. If the enemy knows you were sexually touched or exposed to pornography when younger then he will tempt you with sexual, impure thoughts and images the rest of your life which then causes you to stumble over and over again…

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