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Billions of people on earth just want to have a good relationship where they are loved and have their needs met but unfortunately many of them self-sabotage their own relationships and don’t even see it.  The enemy blinds them in seeing what they do that creates strife and friction between them and their loved ones and has them blame all the issues on their spouse or children or other friendships.  As long as you give them everything they want or obey their every command then they will get along with you – but as soon as you defy their demands then you will get an earful. So what are some of the ways we ruin our own relationships? Jealousy – unfortunately many people ruin their relationships because they have unhealed soul wounds from their past and do not know who they are in Christ and the enemy convinces them that if their spouse glances at another person from the opposite sex or has healthy interactions with someone from the opposite sex then they get triggered and will go off on their spouse verbally. They feel like they are going to lose their loved one because when they were growing up…

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