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I have been hearing many people talk lately about how excited they are about revivals and calling themselves revivalists.  What is revival? The dictionary describes it as an improvement in the condition or strength of something, an instance of something becoming popular, active or important again, an awakening in a church or community of interest in and care for matters relating to personal religion.  The truth is that revival is impossible until people make a conscious effort to get delivered from the demons tormenting their minds and thoughts through forgiving people who have hurt them in their past and repenting for their pride and sin. I have heard from thousands of people since 2015 when I began my ministry how they felt so much more godly, peaceful, more joyful, humble and sexually pure and clean after they had gone through inner healing and deliverance.  They no longer heard the tens of thousands of demonic thoughts that they used to have and thus their behavior changed to aligning more with the fruit of the spirit.  They got along with their spouse and children.  They often received healing in their bodies. They heard from the Lord in their minds instead of demons.…

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