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THE COMING EXPOSURE OF TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES The Lord is a very patient God who has given people grace to live sinful and unrighteous lives in rebellion to His word for many, many years.   Unfortunately living those types of lives ultimately lead to death and hell.  God wants no one to go to hell but sadly many are due to their freewill choice to serve the world and not obeying God and pursuing to live a godly life unto the Lord.  It is not easy to resist our fleshly desires to look lustfully upon women and men, regularly watch pornography, dressing in an impure, sexualized way to draw others eyes to lustfully look upon you, having sex outside of marriage, lie, cheat, gossip, steal, walk in pride, false humility, rebelling against God.  Sadly so many people who attend church regularly are living very sinful and perverted lives.  Even those in leadership at churches – not to mention those in the world outside the church. It is time to pursue living a pure, righteous and humble life unto the Lord instead of living a life to serve our own selfish pride and fleshly desires.  God has given us a freewill to…

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