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When people get hurt growing up they often hear demonic spirits in their minds / thoughts which cause them to desire to receive sympathy from other people.  They literally want people to feel sorry for them because they love to receive special treatment and attention.  Often a parent can exacerbate the issues by treating them like a little girl or boy and not allowing their consequences to teach them lessons to change.  They are called helicopter parents for hovering over them trying to help them out of any mess that they get into because of their own doing. Many use it to play on people’s heart strings and emotions to have them give them money and other financial benefits.  It is the “poor, poor pitiful me – please feel sorry for me because I am so innocent and abused and need you to help me by giving me your money” attitude.   Often times they have been hurt in their past but then hurt other people who have had relationships with them and then those people separate from them due to the abuse.  Then they lie about those who separate from them to be able to live in peace to get…

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