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God is moving on Jezebel’s victims to rise up in boldness

Jezebel ruled over the men and women of God in 1 and 2 Kings killing many of the Lord’s prophets and instilling fear over anyone who dared to defy her.  She married King Ahab who gave her authority to control people in her kingdom and force Baal worship on the people which included the killing and sacrificing of babies.  Ahab, was a weak man, and became a willing instrument in Jezebel’s hands and offended the Lord God more than any king before him. The worst of his many sins was his marriage to the idol-loving Jezebel. He, an Israelite king, began serving Baal—because of her and with her. Baal required the sacrifice of children, often the first-born male child, by sacrifice via fire. They would put fire under the hands of the god Molech and take the babies and tickle them to get them to laugh before placing them in the red-hot hands of Molech and then they would scream as they were being burned alive while beating on drums to drown out the noise of their cries and their parents.  Another popular goddess worshiped in the days of Jezebel was Ashtareth, a deity associated with perverse sexuality and fertility. Jezebel defined everything evil…

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