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Satan can first hurt us as soon as we are conceived when we are in our mother’s womb if our mom or dad didn’t want us, they wanted a child of the opposite sex, if a mom suffered much trauma during her pregnancy which caused fear or rejection, a witch or warlock cursed us in the womb, falls, verbal abuse between our mom and dad or anyone, premature births, C-sections and any challenging deliveries that would cause fear to our mothers which then would be inherited by their child.  Then once the child is born the enemy attempts to hurt it as much as he can from as many people as possible and situations. So we can get hurt in a myriad of ways in our lives such as: Having negative words spoken to us by anyone (which we ALL have experienced) Having a parent who was religious who spoke condemnation and was harsh without love Having a parent who controlled you in an unhealthy way Emotional abuse Physical abuse Sexual abuse including viewing porn, being touched, molested, raped, incest Growing up without a father or mother Religious abuse or control Satanic Ritual Abuse Bullying Enduring a Jezebel spirit attack…

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