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How I grew in my anointing for miracles and healings through prayer

In 2013 I began to receive more confidence in my authority to step out and pray for other people and began to see healings in others’ lives.  Interestingly, I saw many that I prayed for healed from scoliosis and back pain at a very high success rate which was an issue I had to personally overcome in my own life. One day I got a call from a lady who lived somewhere in Indianapolis and said she felt led to call because she had found my ministry website www.restoredtofreedom.com. The woman said she could physically see demons in her home and they would get on top of her in bed and grab her arms and dig their claws into her forearms and also harass and scare her seven year old daughter.  I was very excited to take on some demons because I felt I was getting stronger in my authority and was finally up to some real challenges.    The woman put me on speaker phone and I listened to the Lord and He told me exactly what to say to command the demons to be gone from her home in Jesus name and she saw and felt them all…

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