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Restored to Freedom – Chapter One – In the Beginning

Below I am reprinting Chapter One of my book Restored To Freedom, which has been helping thousands of people around the world to get complete freedom from deep father (and mother) wounds which later in life develop into the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits causing much control, manipulation, pride and twisting of the truth resulting in broken relationships, emotional and physical pains that result in a lifetime of torment, fear and lack of peace and coming into the fullness of all that God intended. Chapter 1 In The Beginning   Think about it….billions of people have come and gone in this world.  Some have been fortunate and enjoyed a life full of love, peace and prosperity…..but many have experienced a life full of emptiness, strife, fear, hopelessness, anger and depression.  It all starts after they are born into a family with their father and mother.  Let’s say that when they grew up their father was not around much because he was working a lot. Or when he was home he didn’t spend much, if any, time with his children or was the authoritarian with rules and restrictions and behaved very “rough around the edges.”    He could of been very “religious” without…

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