RTF Deliverance Certification

To be certified to do deliverances for people under Restored to Freedom ministries requires the following:

  • Either attend a Deliverance Training / Equipping Class in person or watch the below 4 Training Class videos on You Tube
  • You must also read my following books
  • You will also be added to the private Facebook Group RTF Deliverance Team for ongoing support / training / monthly calls which Tina Marie Kirkpatrick will do.
  • If you would also like to be listed on the Restored to Freedom website you need to make a donation  of $50 to RTF and then I will add your email address, city/state/country, first and last name – so others seeking deliverance can locate you.  I recommend that the people you do sessions with make a donation to you of $40-50 per session.  If they cannot afford that amount then do the deliverance session and the Lord will reward you.

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