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Below are upcoming dates / locations that RESTORED TO FREEDOM will be near you!
Date/Time Event
Saturday, August 15 2020
07:00 PM CDT - 09:30 PM CDT
Breakthrough in Omaha, Nebraska
Omaha Marriott, Omaha NE
Friday, August 21 2020
07:30 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Prophetic Insight @ River House in Jacksonville, FL
Online, Jacksonville FL
Saturday, August 22 2020
07:00 PM MDT - 09:30 PM MDT
Breakthrough in Rapid City, SD
Courtyard by Marriott, Rapid City SD
Saturday, August 29 2020
07:00 PM CDT - 09:30 PM CDT
Breakthrough in Fargo, ND & Moorhead, MN
Courtyard by Marriott, Moorhead MN
Sunday, August 30 2020
09:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Worldwide Deliverance Session on Facebook LIVE 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT
Facebook LIVE, Carmel Indiana
Saturday, September 19 2020
07:00 PM EDT - 09:30 PM EDT
Breakthrough at Hilton Head Island, SC
Personal Home, Hilton Head Island SC
Friday, September 25 2020
07:00 PM EDT - 09:30 PM EDT
Breakthrough @ River House in Jacksonville, FL
River House, Jacksonville FL
Saturday, September 26 2020
01:00 PM EDT - 05:00 PM EDT
Deliverance Training / Equipping @ River House in Jacksonville, FL
River House, Jacksonville FL
Sunday, September 27 2020
09:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Worldwide Deliverance Session on Facebook LIVE 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT
Facebook LIVE, Carmel Indiana
Sunday, October 25 2020
06:00 PM CDT - 08:30 PM CDT
Breakthrough Event at Odessa, TX
Personal Home, Odessa TX


Most people around the world are tormented by demons in their mind (thoughts) and then manifest without even realizing it.  Many who attend church and would call themselves Christians also hear from demons in their thoughts (let alone those who are outside the church).  The National Science Foundation did a study in 2005 and learned that the average person could have up to 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day of which 80% of the thoughts would be negative and 95% of the thoughts were repetitive of the thoughts from the days before. Demons gain access to people when we endure various wounds in our souls (mind, will and emotions) or when we are physically or sexually harmed as well as when we willingly choose to sin and choose to make confessions to Satan through various ungodly organizations (Freemasons, Shriners, Eastern Star, Skull & Bones, etc.) or if our father or mother or grandparents also have made confessions to Satan through organizations and cursed us.  A soul wound could be someone showing you pornography, speaking words to you that hurt you (could be soft and gentle or harsh and loud), getting rejected by someone who should protect you like a parent,…


Evil is growing darker in this world but it is exciting to see that God’s remnant is on the rise as people wake up to the need of getting their soul wounds cleansed and desiring to truly be delivered from the demons tormenting their minds in order to have peace. So many who have attended church their whole lives yet never felt victorious are learning that the missing ingredient has been deliverance through soul wound healing, forgiveness, repentance of their sins and pride so they can hear more from the Lord then the enemy in their minds and then truly grow in who they are in Christ. This past Saturday I witnessed the desire as 90% of the people who attended the BREAKTHROUGH event in Minneapolis at the Minneapolis Marriott West hotel had never heard of me or Restored to Freedom but the Holy Spirit drew them to the event via a promotional ad on Facebook and EventBrite.  Many came out because they knew they were not at peace and experiencing the fullness of Christ.  More people are signing up to attend conferences in Des Moines, IA and Omaha, NE.  Unfortunately the church has not been equipping the body of…


It is amazing to watch people’s eyes when they have believed something to be true that ultimately turns out not to be true, whether it is from a personal level, community level, state level or world level. They are in shock first, then angry at those who lied to them. It’s like when you are a parent and have believed one of your children over another. You may have taken action to give a negative consequence to the one you thought deserved it. Then later when you learn that your first child lied about their sibling – now you are really upset over the injustice that was done to the true victim. The enemy knows that when he can convince people that a person is bad when they are actually godly and good then that person will usually not be able to do much for God as people will turn away and shun them. The same principle happens when the enemy can convince people of an agenda that sounds good but it actually turns out to be bad for people. Then when the people actually become aware of the truth they get very angry at those who lied to them.…


Everyone in the world is now being tested – especially those who call themselves Christians. The age where we used to simply be able to show up at church on Sunday mornings and act like we were Christians – engage with a few people and be nice to them, drink some coffee and eat a donut or bagel, sing some songs and hear a nice 40-minute message making us feel good and then go home and live like the world the rest of the week is now over. Our mettle is being tested – as God is watching to see if we have any faith to trust Him and choose to serve Him completely in the face of an uproar or if we are all scared like the world and willing to bow down to our local and state governments like everyone else is doing. It is not easy standing up for Jesus when the rest of the world is afraid, angry, yelling, rioting, in your face and behaving crazy and threatening you. It is not easy when those who are not of the Lord raise their voice, fighting with you on social media (time to block!), threatening to come…


Let’s face it folks – the world is forcing everyone to either submit to wearing masks or we will not be able to purchase food in grocery stores and buy products from other stores.  Most people who are unable to discern in the spirit would just say “It’s only a mask – wear it – it will save us all from getting the CV-19” when in reality the doctors and experts who aren’t afraid to state the truth have said that the masks will not stop CV-19 and they actually reduce our ability to breathe oxygen and sadly some have passed out and died from wearing the masks.  Not to mention that people who get CV-19 have a 99% chance of surviving which is similar to those who get the regular seasonal flu (which way more people get every year).  Is it real – absolutely.  Have people died from it - of course.  But again many more people died from the regular strain of flu then CV-19. So are people overhyping the fear of getting CV-19 and trying to shut down our economy and force people to submit in order to buy food and other supplies – absolutely positively. Interestingly…


The Lord’s house – the church – is going through quite the worldwide shaking right now as many are shut down completely and most are limping along making people wear masks and social distance while pleading with them to continue to give them all their tithes even if they just have an online service.  Unfortunately the state of God’s house has been in disrepair for quite a long time as most pastors became complacent to preach the whole truth about forgiveness, repenting for sin and pride and then getting delivered.  They didn’t want to offend anyone as they were concerned they might have people not like to actually be convicted for their sin and when they hurt other people like their spouse and children.  They thought people might take an offense and walk out their door and take their tithes with them.  So they watered down their messages to tell people that they were all saved no matter what their current fruit looked like. Instead the churches focused on making sure they offered coffee and donuts, played beautiful sounding music with no convicting songs or times of coming to the altar to repent, and made sure that their messages were…


Everyone has had relationships with people who have been infected by the spirit of Jezebel (1 and 2 Kings) but most have not known it.  Some have read books or blogs on the spirit of Jezebel but few have understood the spiritual roots behind how it happens and fewer still know how to get people who operate in it to be set freed from the effects of it.  There are many Narcissist Groups on Facebook where people gripe, hate and complain about their exes or a parent or other relationships where those who hurt them are called a “narc” but they never know how to truly help those who actually struggle with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) or have compassion for them like Christ.  There are many in the church today who operate in the spirit of Jezebel to some level (both men and women) - as that is the main desire of that spirit – to come into the church and shut down the true Holy Spirit and God’s plans from being able to operate.  They target godly people who are actually doing good to try and stop them.  They want to shut down the true prophetic voice of the…


When stressful times come – demons cause people to trigger into an alternate personality of fear, anger, jealousy and evil more often and thus arguments and strife will occur at a more frequent pace.  When people don’t know if they should wear a mask or not, aren’t sure if they will get paid from their employer or not, unsure if they can attend their church anymore or eat out at a restaurant or even work out at the gym from one month to the next, then they will feel anxious, worried, fearful, angry, and confused - which leads them into striving and arguing much more than usual.   Thus the demons are speaking to people at a much more bold and frequent level than ever before as they know their time is growing shorter on earth. Also witches are actively cursing people more and having "schools of ministry" online acting like they are Christian when in reality they are teaching people witchcraft and cursing them. July 21 was a recent day of more active curses from witches. I have heard from more people who have heard an increase from the enemy in their minds telling them to do things to argue,…


It’s not easy obeying God when He wants you to do something opposite of man or the rest of the world - but isn’t that how it’s always been in the Bible.  Paul did say that Christians would be persecuted for standing up for the Lord. It’s especially not easy when you could be mocked or lose your job, church, retirement income, and possibly even your life for taking a stand for Christ. Remember all the wrath that Noah took from everyone for years!  Nehemiah built a wall with men lying about him to try and stop him from completing it and threatening him with those in government. Elijah having a showdown against his government of King Ahab and Jezebel and then having the fire from heaven come down on his altar and then killing all of the Baal and Ashtoreth prophets of Jezebel and then having her threaten to kill Elijah. Proverbs 29:25 NKJV 25 The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.   Recently several bold pastors around America have been taking stands against their state governors who have been trying to force them to stop having church services (blaming the pandemic using…


The Lord spoke to me about the importance of having our closest friends being a part of the bride (God’s remnant) instead of the world due to their influence over our lives.  He explained that having just one friend who would speak into your life words that are opposite of God could have a major damaging affect that could infect you for eternity.  So many people are in fear because of what is happening in the world and if you get your advice from a person who is hearing from demons acting like they are a Christian then you could agree with them and then have very negative effects that could get you to compromise on your godly principles. Just like a virus that can be spread from one person to infect another…people who are hearing from demons will try to infect those who are of the Lord to get them to go down a path that will not go well for them and take them away from Christ.  It could be something as simple as watching a TV show or movie that is encouraging people who are homosexual or sexually perverse or has a lot of cursing and violence. …

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