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Below are upcoming dates / locations that RESTORED TO FREEDOM will be near you!
Date/Time Event
Saturday, June 10 2023
07:00 PM CDT - 09:00 PM CDT
Courtyard Dallas, Plano TX
Sunday, July 2 2023
09:00 AM CDT - 11:00 AM CDT
Soul Wound Healing in Round Rock, TX!
Faith Culture Church, Round Rock TX
Sunday, July 2 2023
11:00 AM CDT - 01:00 PM CDT
Soul Wound Healing in Round Rock, TX!
Faith Culture Church, Round Rock TX
Sunday, July 2 2023
06:00 PM CDT - 08:00 PM CDT
Deliverance in Round Rock, TX!
Faith Culture Church, Round Rock TX


DATING AFTER A NARCISSISTIC / JEZEBEL RELATIONSHIP So many people have been hurt and wounded in their lives and have not been able to forgive those who hurt them. This allows the spirit of Jezebel to affect their souls (mind, will and emotions) causing them to trigger and become very controlling in their relationships. Their behavior self sabotages their own relationships yet their demons will tell them that they are a victim instead of the cause of the broken relationships. They will target people who are more empathic (Ahab spirit) that are more easy to control. So what if you have been hurt in a relationship with a person who has operated in the Jezebel spirit (narcissist) and are looking for a healthy relationship? 1) Make sure that you are healed from the Jezebellic wounds. Ask Jesus to speak to you and show you what happened to the person who hurt you deeply. You will learn that they were hurt deeply by a father, mother or someone else. They also were most likely sexually violated through the viewing of porn or molested. They had demons that had rights over their souls due to unforgiveness. Tell the Lord “I choose to…


WHEN LUST IS GRATIFIED IT TURNS INTO HATRED When someone is dealing with a sexual lust issue in their lives it will increase over time in its desires to have sexual relations with the people that become their targets. The lustful person especially wants what they cannot have and to hurt the object of their lust. It will cause a person to lust for another person and then they will act out upon them via a controlling sexual encounter which may include a violent sexual act. Once they have finished their sexual conquest with the object of their lust then their lust will often turn to hatred for their target. When their lustful desires get them what they wanted then the hatred develops in their heart for the object of their lust. You often see this happen in marriages between a lustful husband who has anger in his heart for his wife (often due to looking at porn to satisfy his lust which causes them to witness men treating women in horrible ways). The men often treat their wives void of all intimacy. They emotionally abuse them. It usually then develops in having them becoming rough sexually to the point…


GOD HATES EMOTIONAL ABUSE IN RELATIONSHIPS Many people want to only think of God as an all loving, look the other way on people’s sins with no negative consequences for people’s actions, who tolerates those who abuse others emotionally while giving us hyper grace to get into heaven after we have died never holding us accountable for our bad behavior and thinking nothing of our fruits of the flesh and never looking at the intentions of our hearts and minds. But God is a God of justice and He knows the truth about all of us. He knows how we treat our spouse and children and other people and it all matters. He knows if we are emotionally, verbally, physically or sexually abusive or perverse. And the Bible says he hates abuse, perversity, lying, and doing evil. There are many people who abuse their spouse their entire marriage and unfortunately use the religious people in the church to protect them by shouting the “God hates divorce” scripture in order to keep them chained to their abuser in marriage while ignoring the scriptures about their own abuse of their spouse which causes many to reluctantly desire to leave them so they…


PRIDE WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE, MARRIAGE, RELATIONSHIPS & SALVATION  People get pride due to being being hurt through others emotionally or physically or being exposed to sexual things like porn, other people who touch them as a child, and they hear voices telling them not to trust anyone else, they must protect themselves, make all the decisions in life, tell others what to do. On earth there is nothing like him, Which is made without fear. He beholds every high thing; He is king over all the children of pride.”” Job 41:33-34 NKJV These six things the LORD hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.” Proverbs 6:16-19 NKJV Elisha told Naaman to wash in the Jordan river 7 times to get healed and he was indignant and prideful towards him and wanted to wash in a cleaner river. He had to be humbled before he saw his healing.  Pride means I don’t need God - I got it “But He gives…


JEZEBEL & AHAB COUPLES SACRIFICE THEIR OWN CHILDREN Jezebel worshipped Baal and caused Ahab to bow down to Baal when she married him. Baal worship practiced the sacrifice of babies and children to Molech. Ahab did more evil in the sight of the Lord because Jezebel stirred him up. What Jezebel wanted she got. Their own children Athaliah, Jehoram (became 9th king of Judah and was evil) and Ahaziah were all hurt and wounded and did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. He who brought his child, the priests would say that he is offering the greatest sacrifice. He would enter the innermost chamber and go kiss Molech . . . The priests would then take the child and place it near Molech. They would then bang with drums to drown out their cries. How obsessed the nation was with idol worship that they were willing to do something so reprehensible! But in the future, says God, “I will remove your heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh.” The priests would bang and clap to drown the noise from the child’s screams so that the father and mother would not regret their decision.…


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A SPOUSE? SATAN WOULD LOVE TO HELP There are so many people who desperately want to be married to a man or woman. They are lonely and want companionship. Satan knows that you want to be married and will do his best to send you a spouse that appears to be good. He can even send you a spouse that looks like a “Christian” but is a total impostor. He can send you a Holy Spirit filled, tongue talking, ministerial, professional actor or actress who looks godly on the outside in every way. Unfortunately, sadly for many who get married to them become shocked to learn that the person they married changed into a different person, often within a week or two after the wedding ceremony! They actually changed into an alternate personality that was mean and evil which is who they were all the time but were able to keep it hidden until after they got you to marry them. They trigger frequently into this alternate personality and are controlling, manipulative, sexually impure and lustful and want to take all your money. They curse you behind closed doors causing you to get physically sicker and…


GOD GIVES US THE HOLY SPIRIT TO GET DELIVERED FROM OUR DEMONIC SPIRITS So many Christians have been told lies that when they get the Holy Spirit that all demons have to leave them. They are told demonic spirits and the Holy Spirit can’t coexist in the same person. In reality they still behave in ungodly and sinful ways after they “ask Jesus into their hearts.” It’s because they still need deliverance from their demons that attach to their soul. They still have sin that is plentiful in their lives, pride, unforgiveness, anger, sicknesses, gossip, lying and sexual sin. Sadly the truth is that most will still have more fruit of the flesh than they do the spirit after spending years in the church. Just because you make an initial decision to follow Christ (or “ask Jesus into your heart”) doesn’t mean that demons have to leave your soul (mind, will and emotions). In fact they won’t leave you as long as they have legal rights to stay. Why would they leave you alone if you are giving them rights to stay through unforgiveness, pride and sin? Derek Prince stated that some of the most dangerous people in the world…


HOW TO ATTEMPT TO GET YOUR JEZEBEL (NARCISSIST) SPOUSE DELIVERED The Jezebel spirit torments both women and men. It gains legal rights to torment a person when they have been hurt growing up. A controlling father or mother who simply speaks negatively to their child. A parent who emotionally, physically or sexually abused their child. Anyone who gets raped or sexually molested will receive the Jezebel spirit. Most who are hurt and wounded and cannot forgive the person who hurts them will tend to give legal rights to the Jezebel spirit to torment them due to the unforgiveness, bitterness and anger. If they would ever be diagnosed by the psychological community they would be told they were a narcissist due to their entitlement attitudes of pride and that they could never change. They grow older and become prideful, entitled, selfish, controlling, manipulative, sexually selfish and obsessed and view themselves as a victim instead of the abuser. They will sabotage their own relationships and hurt their own children. They will be the cause of their broken marriages but will blame their abused spouse to as many who will listen to gain sympathy from their family and friends and church people. So…


NARCISSISTS (JEZEBEL SPIRIT) CAUSE SICKNESS & A SLOW DEATH TO THEIR SPOUSE I personally knew a woman who was married to a man who was emotionally abusive to her and their children due to him being sexually abused by his father. They went to my church and attended my adult Sunday school class. She developed a brain tumor due to the daily verbal abuse from him at age 40. She ended up dying from it. Her children moved out from his abuse as soon as they graduated. After his wife died he got remarried to a woman who was healthy. Within a year she began to get sick due to his emotional abuse to her. He now has cancer. I know of others who were married to people with the Jezebel spirit who lost their hair, felt sick to their stomachs which developed into ulcers, anxiety, fear, gained or lost weight, headaches, strokes or heart attacks. It’s very real when a person with demonic spirits constantly tears you down, controls you and makes you submit to their demonic manipulation through ridicule, derision, raising their voices, silent treatment and passive / aggressive behavior. You are literally sleeping with the enemy as…


UNDERSTANDING THE SPIRIT OF ABSALOM The last few months I have been seeing more and more people who have been battling the spirit of Absalom in people. I have also been hearing about the spirit of Absalom being talked about by prophets and church leaders. Below is a thorough description of understanding the spirit of Absalom and how to protect yourself from its attacks by pastor Dave Williams. The Absalom spirit has brought more hell to earth than anyone can imagine. This spirit is charming, deceptive, cunning, subtle, and treacherous. This spirit brings chaos and confusion to a church or business, all under the pretense of really caring. How many decent and loving people have been destroyed by the proposal of Absalom’s “care” and “concern” for the church, the district, or the business? Hitler’s rise to fame and his taking control of Germany was on the intention of doing good. The spirit of Absalom is a personification of a malignant usurper. Absalom ended up bringing shame to his father, his family, and his kingdom. In this booklet, we’ll look at the biblical Absalom, whom I’ll typically refer to as “Absalom” or “the original Absalom.” In referring to a modern day…

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