Video Testimonials

Dave from Billings, MT was hit by a car in 2012 and his hips were shifted 25 degrees and  one and a half inches back and had to take strong pain killers to get through the day and night – until he got delivered and now sleeps with no pain and his hips and spine are back in perfect alignment!
Joy from Angola, IN shares amazing deliverance testimony that changed her and saved her marriage!
A Love Story with James & Danell from Gillette, WY and how deliverance changed their marriage to fun, love and joy.
Jeremy & Tina from Iowa share testimony of deliverance which saved their marriage from strife and divorce.
Sharell from the state of Washington shares her testimony of how deliverance impacted her life and is now launching her own ministry.
Leah from Michigan shares testimony of when she took authority and prayed commanding enemy spirits from her adopted daughter and overnight she was at peace.
Jesse from Oregon shares testimony of  how the anointing of the Lord on his life increased after deliverance.

Debra from Long Island shares testimony of how deliverance gave her peace and her family, increased her level of hearing the Lord and healed her body.

20 year old Dalton shares how his life changed from sadness and fear to peace and joy after his deliverance as he no longer hears the enemy’s voice telling him what to do and now hears the Lord’s voice clearly directing him.

Scott from Indiana shares testimony of deliverance and now has peace with wife (Savailia) and gets healed from Dyslexia

Autumn from the state of Washington gives her powerful testimony of how life has changed after deliverance.

Dawn from the State of Washington woman shares her deliverance and how it dramatically improved her life and then her entire family got freed.

9 year old Canadian girl delivered and now sleeps through the night and back pain healed and stops causing strife with brothers.

This young man hobbled into the Healing Rooms at New Life Assembly of God in Noblesville as he severely hurt his right knee 3 days prior. After prayer he was 100% healed.

Juan from Lafayette, IN suffered for 20 years with an incurable disease of degenerating back discs called Spondylosis. But then Jesus healed him and now can run and sleep with no pain. He got an Xray before prayer and an MRI after prayer and the doctor said he has new discs !!.

This Anderson, IN boy had hurt his ligament in his arm from wrestling. After prayer he was healed and no longer needed to wear his sling.

This Ft. Wayne woman had a car accident when she was 15 years old and had pain in her neck and arm and back until…..Jesus healed her !

This man had scoliosis in his spine but we saw and he felt Jesus adjust him permanently. He also had one leg shorter than the other that grew out to the same size as his other leg in seconds.

This woman was in the hospital and had a major infection after getting her ovaries removed and also used to have Chiari Malformation where her brain seeped out of the base of the skull. She also felt Jesus holding her during the prayers.

This Warsaw, IN woman had Arnold-Chiari Malformation (brain leaking and severe Migraines and numbness in hands and dizziness 24×7 and vision problems), a large bump on her upper back, pain in her stomach and abdomen, and had a leg grow out. Now feels brand new !!

This Attica, IN woman suffered from pain in her neck, back, abdomen, and had knocked knees and Jesus healed her from all in seconds !

Jesus healed this Carmel woman’s eye instantly !

This Muncie man was assaulted in 2000 and lower spine and discs were severely damaged. He had chronic pain and needed a cane to walk. Now he is running for the first time in 15 years ! Yay Jesus !

This girl had lost her voice at church camp and came up for prayer at New Life Assembly of God in Noblesville and in seconds Jesus healed her and she could talk again.

This man had no disc in his lower back and had pain for a lifetime but came up for prayer at the end of the Sunday morning service and was instantly healed.

This young man from Indianapolis had flat feet and was always in pain but Jesus healed him instantly and gave him feet with arches.

This woman from Noblesville had her foot grow out an inch to match the length of the other foot, a bone healed in that foot and her umbilical hernia dissolve all within minutes.

Woman healed from 3rd stage lung cancer
Elwood woman visited Healing Rooms at New Life Assembly of God on Jan 23, 2016

Written Testimonies

God connected me in an extraordinary way with an anointed person on the other side of the world to receive ministry that I needed that I could not get locally. Nelson is a wonderful man of God that ministers with prophetic accuracy, sensitivity, empathy and wisdom.
Despite having received much healing and freedom over many years and knowing the call of God on my life, I still could not walk free from oppression in my life. In particular, great pain in my head, neck, back and body, frequently excruciating. Also, a disconnect and shutting down of my ability to connect with God, how I had previously. I had received prayer many times and felt something life off my back and neck, but it never lasted.
Nelson received words from the Lord that were spot on and accurate about me and my journey. He led me through prayers and I felt the spirit of Leviathan life from me and the pain left. I felt God’s presence physically touch me in many ways. God touched my heart, which I could physically feel setting me free and bringing healing. I quickly received revelation of what had come against me and why, and have been able to minister to others to receive the same.
I had walked in close intimacy with the Lord for years, but over the last five years many things happened that had felt like I was shut down in ministry, gifting and intimacy. All of this changed. I felt free, connected and able to hear God clearly again.
I can’t thank God and Nelson enough. Nelson helped me so much. He is clearly anointed to deliver this ministry that many shy away from, and it is something the church needs so badly.
It has made an incredible difference to my life in so many ways. In my connection with God, healing to be able to live my life as I couldn’t before, to know such freedom was knowing it wasn’t my fault, but the enemy’s plan to stop my calling.
I am so grateful, so thankful. I thank God for Nelson and pray His blessing on Nelson’s ministry and life. It’s meant more than I can express in words and I know it was the final thing that needed dealing with for me to run in all that God has for me. Blessed indeed, very thankful. I whole heartedly endorse what God is doing through Nelson.

Praise God!!! I AM FREE!!! It’s been a long journey and finally “BREAKTHROUGH”! Restored to Freedom has changed my life and this ministry will also change yours! Nelson is truly a blessing! This man of God has been anointed to help the world to be set free!!!! I recommend anyone looking for inner, physical, or financial healing to allow Nelson to help them! The Holy Spirit used Nelson in a mighty way to impact my life and transform it!!! I am a new person!!!! If you looking for change and total transformation please reach out this ministry!!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this humble and loving man of God!!! Lord I am forever grateful for your goodness and my brother Nelson!!!! FOREVER CHANGED!!!!

As Christians who know their identity in Christ, I believe it is also so important to know how to get total and complete freedom from all bondage – especially from things we may not be aware we are in bondage to! Jezebel / Leviathan are high-ranking, yet subtle, demonic spirits that can operate in Christian’s lives without them even realizing it. Thank God for people like Nelson Schuman, who are anointed to demolish the strongholds of these spirits forever!! I had a 40 year addiction to smoking, neck and back pain and I would have never associated one with the other…..I had heard of how God moved mightily in Nelson to get people set free, so I booked a one hour session with him….The results were amazing to say the least !!! I now have no desire to smoke, all neck and back pain are gone and there is so much more joy in my heart!! I was being tormented by Jezebel/Leviathan and was unaware…these are two spirits God has taught me much about and I have fought them for 51 years!!!! I am so free now to truly be who God created me to be…I am just amazed at God’s power and love!!!

Go for Healing & Growth! If you have ANY slightest urging by the Holy Spirit, that still, small voice to find healing, step right now into this opportunity! Why so urgent, you might ask? My response is from Hebrews 12, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.”
The online session that I experienced with Nelson Schuman was “life-bringing.” The Holy Spirit was more than happy to help deliver me from the heavy load of guilt, confusion, desire for control, deceitfulness, and anger that I was carrying. I have been a believer for 52 years, and this single 60-minute session was just the spiritual “adjustment” needed. Territory in my life that I had allowed the enemy to inhabit through ignorance, or invitation is now no longer his habitation.
My temple has been swept clean, and the Father, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are happily residing in me in a fuller, greater measure. I am ALL theirs! I can now go on to the next verse in Hebrews 12, “And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.” Throw off everything that hinders you. Start here. His Grace & Peace to you today!

As soon as my session started I immediately felt the heaviness lift off my eyes that I had been struggling with for some time. By the end of my session my eyes were wide open and alive. I have felt complete peace and I’ve been “flying” in freedom ever since! My mind is clear and I am no longer feeling stuck. Complete restoration of freedom, praise God! I feel a brand new love for the day!!! It’s been absolutely amazing!!! I am so glad that a friend reached out to me about Restored to Freedom. I will never be the same!!! Thank you Father for this divine set up. You always got me! Bless this ministry and continue setting your kids free through them!!!

My dad went to jail for life when I was 2 years old. My mom never even dated another man my entire life. I grew up to face this world without the love of a father. I was addicted to alcohol and marijuana at the age 11 and ran the streets early in life. I was a complete mess and longed to be accepted. I was encountered by the fathers love and pursued him for several years. My entire life I was crushed by pastors leaders and almost everyone in the church. My entire life has just been complete brokenness. I have a traveling ministry and travel around the world. However, my life was still falling apart. Everything was constantly in turmoil. I also started to realize I had multiple hurts and pains that have been locked deep inside. A lot of rejection, betrayal and brokenness was constantly my portion. I could move in the giftings and would see amazing things everywhere, however I started to realize I had problems. I started to look for people who walked in deliverance because I would continue to have “episodes” where I would blow it in key moments. Especially with my family. I was introduced to Nelson, and shortly after we spoke I had our first session. I was skeptical at first because of where my story and life was heading, however Nelson encouraged me to proceed with our appointment. Trusting my friend and his credentials I decided to move forward with our session.
When we prayed the prayer of Leviathan, I repented for everything and Nelson declared that any remnant of the spirit to leave. When he spoke this I started to cough. I was coughing very very hard, after the second cough I went into what I would call a trance. I don’t know how long I was out, maybe a few moments or seconds, but when I “came to” my entire body was shaking.
After a few moments I realized I was holding the phone, and someone was talking. I then realized Nelson was praying for me and I came back to reality. I literally remember saying out loud “what just happened to me!” I started to feel a different feeling. Something left my body! I was so delivered of this thing, and I had proof to know that I was finally FREE!!!
Ever since Nelson and I had a session, I have not been the same! Everything in my heart and my life has changed completely. The accuracy of the prophetic was what everyone enjoyed and trusted through my ministry. However, it has completely shifted and it’s been unbelievable. Everywhere I go people are getting completely blasted, and the healing has been on another level as well! My heart has changed and I can HEAR HIS VOICE SO CLEARLY NOW!

This has truly changed my life forever, and I’m forever thankful for the freedom that has come to me! I highly encourage you to do a session with this man of God. I had no idea I had anything like this, and more than likely you don’t either! It is affecting everyone around me, and I’m growing at a rapid pace. Truly this is the most powerful deliverance ministry I have ever come across!

Thank you Nelson for your perseverance and your obedience in your life! Your changing the world and the world changers! FOREVER THANKFUL!!!

Excellent ministry of compassion and love from the Father’s heart. Nelson is a true blessing to the Body of Christ! He ministers truth from the Word of God and the Lord uses him mightily in the area of healing and deliverance. Sincerity of his heart is so apparent and we are so thankful God brought Nelson Schuman into our lives to share with us the miraculous powers of our loving heavenly Father! Keep advancing the Kingdom Nelson… Looking forward to doing more ministry together in the future! Love you Brother Nelson

I reached out to Nelson after hearing him speak at a Ministry meeting. I knew something was going on with me because I was always angry and bitter and wasn’t fully at peace even though I was walking in the light with the Lord. After speaking with Nelson I prayed the generational curse prayer as well as the Leviathan and Jezebel curses and instantly I could feel true peace. I could feel no pain or agony and I was much happier. Already people have noticed I have a better mindset with peace. I just want to say thank you, Nelson, for what you’ve done to truly restore me to my freedom. I definitely will tell people how he helped set me free in hopes to help others!

Wow!!! It was a privilege to meet Nelson. I just want to thank him for being obedient to God and doing what God has called him to do. When he worked through the prayers I could truly (for the first time) feel how the pain,fear and anxiety lifted off and it was gone. Since 2007 I had a sore back 24/7 (and I’m now only 21 years old!),and I never had a serious injury or surgery in my back. Usually, I would stand up in the morning with a sore back. This morning there was nothing! I am completely healed of a sore back!!! After so many years! It was truly worth it! Praise God! He stays true to His Word!!!

Healed from INSOMNIA, ANXIETY & DEPRESSION! Finding Nelson was a divine appointment by God. I “accidentally” clicked on his profile, then noticed the many outstanding ministries with whom he is affiliated & that he was in Noblesville, IN where I was going to be attending a seminar. I knew that I was encountering a “God-incidence” not a coincidence.
I was unable to attend my seminar as planned, but I reached out to Nelson & scheduled a Facebook Video ministry session. I had learned about the Jezebel spirit in 2010 in a church service AFTER a recent divorce. I realized WHAT had been running my life for decades & ruined my marriage. I pursued healing & deliverance & found tremendous freedom, but I grieved for my marriage (which was a mutual decision until my eyes were open). I practically begged my ex-husband to also pursue deliverance & work toward reconciliation. But he was blinded & under the influence of a church that I now believe was operating under a Jezebel spirit. He encountered tremendous financial & personal devastation, which could have been avoided had he learned how to take authority over the demons that had strongholds in his life.
I have since been remarried, but was STILL grieving that loss & missed moments with my daughter. Hours before my appointment with Nelson, I was feeling especially broken-hearted & tormented over the past. Although, I enjoyed peace & freedom for several months after my divorce, many painful events led me away from staying immersed in a Spirit-filled life.
Fot the past 2 years, I had increasingly difficult anxiety-induced insomnia, which began when I took a job where I was NOT living on MISSION & involved with a mentally, emotionally abusive & perverse relationship. I had bouts of heart palpitations & kept amping up my sleep supplements, then medication so I could rest & be functional.
I was able to leave the stressful job, began rebuilding my wellness business & started working out more again…but NOTHING worked. I was considering Brain Wave Optimization, which has shown promising results, but it costs over $1800!! I wanted to go back to school to get my Doctorate, but could not get clear on which direction & would have struggled with the mental rigors of academia, without sleep.
In my spirit, I KNEW that I did not need technology or drugs to overcome this life-stealing insomnia. God designed my brain & HE could fix it! During my time with Nelson, we eradicated the spirits that were tormenting me, he spoke a beautiful word from Our Father & prayed for my sleep.
For the first time in nearly 2 years, I slept for 8 hours without sleep aids! I woke with a sense of peace & joy that I forgot existed & was able to enjoy my family. Sunday was the true test, as that was always my worst night. Even though I woke up a few times, I was able to get back to sleep without taking Melatonin or anything else.
I believe the enemy is stealing sleep from people in order to steal our DREAMS, our PURPOSE & PEACE. If you know anyone that is struggling with sleepless night, anxiety & depression…PLEASE refer them to Nelson. God’s people truly can be RESTORED TO FREEDOM!

Nelson is the real deal. He truly cares for others & wants to see people set free, restored, and living in freedom. I wish there were more Christians as dedicated & genuine. He walks what he talks & loves others as Jesus commands. May you & your ministry be blessed daily Nelson!

So, about a month ago I went to The Healing Rooms @ New Life Assembly of God Church in Noblesville, IN…for personal prayer. A close relative of mine also went. Down deep in my heart I had known for years there was “something” sabotaging my life from a financial, relational, spiritual & ministry standpoint. After prayer from many different ministries & pastors & people over the years, I never gained REAL FREEDOM as I know it today! In ministry, I taught Spiritual Warfare for years!
I am so Thankful for the Holy Spirit Anointing God brings through Nelson & his prayer teams.
RESTORED TO FREEDOM ministry is what the church is called to do, & Nelson & his teams are answering the call!
I cannot urge you strongly enough to go on Saturdays from 12noon-4PM, if you are suffering through anything less than God’s BEST for your life! I now have two friends flying in from out of state for personal prayer!! Yay God!!
Illness, pain, depression, discouragement, failure, divorce, strife–all must go, In Jesus Name!!
Come expecting God to Bless you & set you FREE! I am FREE INDEED! THANK YOU JESUS!!

We recently received ministry by Nelson Schuman and it was outstanding! He is definitely filled with the Spirit, giving us a word from God and word of knowledge. His knowledge of the spiritual realm is very good and so he was able to help us with things that most ministers were not able to see. He is very personable, friendly, easy to talk to and again, a man filled with the Spirit of God. It was such a privilege to be able to be ministered by him and we look forward to the next time! We received deliverance and healing, the fist two important steps to the rest of restoration. We love this man and his ministry! Powerful!

Nelson is forerunner, of what God is going to be doing next – rasing up men of God – who carry the spirit and strength of Elijah, to pull, Jezebel out of the place of visibility in Christ’s church! We can never talk about Jezebel enough – until it is totally exterminated in our lives and in His church! I highly recomend him!
Jeremiah 1:9-10
9. Then the LORD reached out and touched my mouth and said, “Look, I have put my words in your mouth!
10. Today I appoint you to stand up against nations and kingdoms. Some you must uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow. Others you must build up and plant.”

As a mature Christian I would want to be completely honest and say that when I first read his book (Restored to Freedom) I was at one of the lowest points of my adult life. The insight and wisdom that God gave me through it helped me search my own heart, the situation, and gave me such clarity. It helped bolster my faith that was at the lowest point of my life and encourage me to hang on while waiting for a healing that did not come overnight. I just want to encourage you that being reminded of God’s truth that came from this book was what helped me hang on until the healing did come. It is one thing for God to heal the body, it is something entirely different for God to heal the spirit and bring a person back to life. It is overwhelming and amazing! I give glory to God and I thank Nelson Schuman for being faithful and letting God use his life. I would have never met him had not God used him to touch my life. I’m eternally grateful for what God has done.

This ministry is going to resolve age old conflicts within family, church and business structure. From what I have witnessed in Nelson’s life, he is a man committed to getting others set free and is willing to dedicate his life to seeing that freedom. Nelson, thank you for your commitment and your revelation.

I loved this page because I have read the book and know the author. He truly has the keys to deliverance and healing from experience and revelation knowledge. You gave to check out his books and ministry!

Restored to Freedom is the name of an anointed ministry, an anointed book and a highly anointed truth! Nelson Schuman is an author, and a healing and deliverance minister. The truth and healing that pours out of this amazing and highly anointed man of God is so encouraging. I’ve only known a handful of ministers that operate at the level of anointing as Nelson, and stand by because more is coming!!

This meeting with Nelson, was God ordained. I have struggled so long in a particular area, being a born again Christian and not understanding why I wasn’t free. I have been prayed over, many times, yes I got healing, but this time with Nelson and his prayers was total peace, total freedom, I can even hear God talking to me. I have mental clarity. I have joy. In the worship service yesterday, I had total freedom to praise the way I wanted to. I recommend if you are facing Giants in your life, that you cannot seem to overcome, please read his book Restored to Freedom, if anything resonates in your spirit, while reading the book, you will be set free. Jesus gave us total authority, and we are not being taught properly in the church. If you are searching to be free, this is the right place, the right man, the right ministry, the right time. I Corinthians 13;13 talks about but the greatest of these is love, Nelson shows great compassion and love equally for everyone, he talks so kind, which makes you feel comfortable. He allows God to do the leading, I highly recommend Nelson and his ministry.

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