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Characteristics of the Jezebel Spirit

Listed below are some of the more common characteristics of someone who is suffering from the Jezebel spirit: They are usually charismatic in personality and very determined to get work and ministry projects completed no matter what stands in their way. They are natural born leaders that are driven to succeed and accomplish goals at all costs.  If someone tries to steer them off course they will not be persuaded and will remove all obstacles from their path in order to complete the plan.   Will see significant energy bursts yet also feel lethargic at times. When in solitude at the end of the day they feel exhausted and depressed due to all the tormenting thoughts from the enemy. Friends would view them as fun to be around as they are usually full of energy but once they are back home behind closed doors and alone they will feel tired and depleted when their restricted conscience (aka the true Holy Spirit) whispers to them the truth.   Likes to be the center of attention and often times the life of the party – so when they come into a room full of people they love people to gravitate towards them…

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