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There is nothing quite like true intimacy between two people in the context of marriage.  When one truly loves their spouse like Christ and wants to serve them, surprise them with their favorite coffee or music, make them breakfast in bed, take them on a picnic to a beautiful waterfall, mountain or stream, holds their hand on a walk in the park, go for a run together, walk on a beach, watching the sunset.  It is the simple things that mean everything to a person when another loves and cares for them and their heart.  When a person will sacrifice their own desires for another’s.  When their spouse listens to their heart and soul being shared and truly shows compassion and empathy. When one texts the other person that they love them which cultivates a feeling of genuine love. When a person loves and cares for them and treats them with respect during the day and week then it naturally leads to a beautiful intimacy in the bedroom that is everything that the Lord designed and is far better than anything Hollywood can produce. Unfortunately for most couples there is no intimacy between them because of past soul wounds on…

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