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Living a strife-free life

Is it possible to live a life free of strife?  What did Jesus do?  Did Jesus worry about anything?  Did he complain about anything?  Jesus was our model for living life.  He had no cares in this world.  He did not worry about where he was going to lay his head each night.  He did not get into arguments with people. He did not fear if he was going to have enough money to purchase what his needs were.  But you say “Well, he was Jesus – that’s different than people can live like today.”   He had enemies (Pharisees) and people who were jealous of him.  But He kept his cool as He knew who He was. So is it possible to live a life without striving, worrying, fearing, being angry, taking an offense, and just being at peace every day? The answer to that question is, absolutely yes.  But is it easy at times, absolutely no.  What must one do to live a life full of peace, love and joy every day?  How do you interact with people who hate you, are jealous of you, say things that are horrible to you, mock you, betray you, etc?  You simply…

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