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A father’s relationship with their children is profoundly impactful for a lifetime

So many people do not comprehend just how critical it is to love their children unconditionally and speak encouraging words over them.  I was fortunate and grew up with a father that loved me and valued me.  He encouraged me to do my best in every thing that I tried.  He came to my games in school and cheered me on.  He helped me when I had questions about various projects in my life.

So I developed into a man who knew how to love others unconditionally and to encourage them to do their best.  I love people the way Christ intended, putting them ahead of my own selfish desires.  It is second nature to me to want to love on every one and to speak a positive word over them.

Unfortunately that is not the norm in society.  Most children grew up with fathers that were distant and removed or felt tremendous rejection from them.  In many cases, they were hurt deeply with words that were critical and actions that were worse.  Some endured tremendous emotional, physical and even sexual abuse.  What happens inside of a child that must endure this type of father?

The enemy begins to whisper to them that they are unloved.  That they cannot be protected by their father.  That their father does not want them in their life. That they cannot trust their father.  As the child grows older, they are hurt so badly in their hearts, that they develop a strong emotion of anger inside and unforgiveness develops.  Many try to get away from this pain by moving out of their homes as soon as they graduate from high school.  Many more marry a person as soon as they can.  Then they take out all their pain on their new spouse, who they try to control in extreme ways to get their way.

Unfortunately they sabotage their own relationships.  Often times they desire to search for the Lord and come to church.  They unknowingly try to position themselves into positions of power through becoming a leader.  They want to help other people who have had similar challenges in their life.  But they are unable to truly help because they still have the enemy spirits on themselves.  They have gone to counselors, pastors and other sources to obtain freedom.  But so few are trained on understanding the spiritual level, so are told to just forgive everyone that has hurt them and let it go.  That they will eventually become healed.

In my ministry I have dealt with thousands upon thousands of people around the world that have not found true freedom their entire lives.  In one session with me (or through watching my Facebook LIVE Worldwide Deliverance Sessions) they obtain freedom as the Holy Spirit reveals to them that they have partnered with the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan.  Then they take their authority over their lives by commanding the spirits to go from them.  The spirits then leave them for the first time, and they feel a peace like never before.  They feel lighter as the heaviness of those spirits lift.  They often times get healed from persistent back pain, insomnia, falling asleep when reading the Word, and other infirmities and diseases.

Then the people begin to hear from the Lord and the Holy Spirit at a very high level, so that they can accomplish all that the Lord has for them.  Being totally restored to freedom is an amazing and dramatic thing.  If this article reminds you of yourself, or others in your life…..you can obtain my book Restored to Freedom from Amazon today (or download to your Kindle device) and get your freedom.  Love you guys!  God is amazing.

4 Replies to “A father’s relationship with their children is profoundly impactful for a lifetime”

  • Amen, for me it was both parents.
    I’m so glad I’m free now so I can help others struggling with rejection and abandonment.
    Thanks Nelson

  • I can relate to this article. Both my Father nevered really loved me. I have believed in Jesus since I was 7 years old I never felt freedom in the Lord because of my emotional abuse I recieved. My mother used scriptures like Honor me or else. I never really was given unconditional Love. My Father drank and abused my mother physically. I saw this abuse since I was 1 year old until my mother left and divorced him when I was seven. If anyone on this site can relate to this please respon. I need encourage and love without conditions. i want to learn to give it also.

    • So sorry to hear Susan. So many millions and millions of people around the world can relate to what you have felt. Hurting people hurt other people. Until they recognize that it was all the enemy that caused the people to feel pain and then took it out on other people, they remain broken. Many ultimately become afflicted by the Jezebel and Leviathan spirit and then simply need to recognize it and command the spirits to go. So many that are in churches around the world are tormented by those spirits. But now the Lord is helping people become aware of it….and then becoming restored to freedom!

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