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Releasing the Spirit of Jehu

Jehu was anointed by one of Elisha’s students to become king over the northern kingdom of Israel.  One of his first tasks at hand was to kill queen Jezebel, who was married to Ahab.  Jezebel had tried to kill most of the prophets of the Lord as she worshiped Baal. Jezebel was extremely controlling, manipulative, sexually seductive and even murderous.  Jehu killed the evil Jezebel which caused those in Israel to turn back to the Lord. Last night in West Hollywood at Radiance International House of Prayer, we released the spirit of Jehu to take out the spirit of Jezebel that has encompassed Hollywood for so long.  We declared that Jezebel would be removed from those in Hollywood and LA and then throughout all of California, then throughout the rest of the United States and the world.

The power that was released last night was felt throughout the room that we were worshipping the Lord.  We could feel a shift in the spirit that will be felt in the region and beyond for years to come.  Expect to see people getting set free from the spirit of Jezebel in waves and waves.  The exposure of the spirit of Jezebel to those that are walking in it, either intentionally or inadvertently has begun.

What this means is that it is time to become pure and righteous in the church for all that have been operating in the Jezebel spirit.  But there also will be those outside the church who have been operating in the spirit that will be set free and make jealous those that are inside the church.  Expect to see various celebrities and Hollywood types, even well known athletes, that will be set free and will talk about how their lives have been changed for Jesus in powerful ways.

The spirit of Jezebel was dealt a mighty blow last night and it is time to become pure, righteous and Holy and walk in the full power of Jesus Christ throughout the world.


4 Replies to “Releasing the Spirit of Jehu”

  • On the morning of May 23rd I awoke from a prophetic dream. I was moving through different rooms of a large church doing things to connect with people to no avail. I carried a few books and a binder. Toward the end of the dream I stepped outside the church into a public courtyard with a steet intersecting creating a corner across from the church. A man stood at this corner with a table beside. On the tabletop were some books stacked around as if he were selling them. He held a tall gray walking staff in one hand. Our eyes connected from across the way. Suddenly he had an identical staff in his other hand. He then tossed it toward me and I caught. We now held identical staffs. I began to approach him. As I neared him my books and binder I had been jostling fell out of my grasp to the ground. I got on the ground to retrieve my books. Suddenly I began weeping about what I had experienced prior in comparison to this new acceptance. Passers by spoke to console me. I could not speak and the man with the other staff spoke for me. Once I stopped crying I stood and approached his book table. All the books were copies of the same book. The cover was a plain gray with a single word title in white lettering in a script font. The word on the cover was ‘Jehu’. Prior to this I have thought much of Elijah and Elisha, due to my own prophetic and miraculous experiences. Suddenly I have an interest in Jehu and his origins, calling, anointing and mission fulfillment. The timing is incredible in light of your disclosure.

  • October 2019. I had a dream that i was at one of my friends church. The church was full and i was sitting on the front row. There was a woman there who was preaching. As she finished preaching, she began to pray for people. After about three people. She called me up to pray for me. As i stood before her. She said you have the spirit of jehu. I said the spirit of who? And she said you have the spirit and mantle of Jehu. End of the dream. Afterwards i began to search out the jehu spirit. I understand my assignment now.
    Thank you for sharing your dream.

  • I am wondering if all of us- especially those who have been pleasers, have this anointing- not being ourselves or true to God once, because of fear of man…. And so now we have righteous indignation against it and want to set others free in this way.

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