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God is purifying those in the church operating in the spirit of Jezebel

God is in the process of exposing all those in His church who have been operating in the Jezebel spirit their entire lives.  He is saying “Enough is enough!”  I am seeing churches all over the world who have reached out to me struggling for keeping people accountable and getting them freed from the spirit of Jezebel as it has been an epidemic of worldwide proportions.  So many who have held leadership positions, worship leaders, associate and assistant pastors, senior pastors and their wives, elders and deacons.  God is saying “You may think you can get away with it in private but I see what you are doing and I will expose you and remove from you the position that you have been operating in as your sins will find you out.”

My ministry has been receiving more and more desperate calls from people / pastors to help them with people in their churches and ministries who have operated for years / lifetimes in the Jezebel spirit and they are losing their churches and ministries and cities because of it.  No more can we tolerate that spirit.  No more can we turn the other way and hope that it just works out.  It is time to break free from the Ahab spirit and stand up to Jezebel and tell her where to go.  To be mighty men and women of valor. To be pure and righteous before the Lord.  To raise up Jehu’s who are unafraid of Jezebel and are not tempted by her seducing lies.

Since 2015 I have helped deliver thousands of women and men around the world from the spirits of Jezebel / Leviathan and Ahab and now  have a support group on Facebook that is helping  those who have suffered at the hands of Jezebel to take back what the enemy meant for evil.  We are exposing the spirits in the lives of thousands for their own good so they can get right with the Lord.  People who have operated in Healing Rooms, on Prophetic teams, Deliverance groups, boards of churches, pastors and their wives and mothers, worship teams, and all in between, are getting set free through Holy Spirit conviction.

All of those who have gotten set free from the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan have admitted that they probably would not have gone to heaven because their fruit stunk.  God knew that behind closed doors they did things that were not pure and righteous.  They controlled and manipulated people and lied and were involved with sexual selfishness.  They had pride and twisted the truth.  And most suffered from physical pains in their backs, necks, and some had diseases like Fibromyalgia, cancer and other maladies that would never get healed because they were blatantly sinning.

I have seen thousands who participate every month in my Worldwide Deliverance Sessions that are the last Sunday nights of each month and then people share the sessions on their Facebook timelines with others who then are drawn to watch and get delivered by the Holy Spirit.  I am seeing cities whose mayors are now ready to work with churches to get people delivered.  I am seeing Christian TV stations who are now finally talking about how prevalent the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan are and how to get delivered.  God is waking the church up to the reality of why they are seeing a higher divorce rate than those outside the church.  It is all because people have suffered from father and mother wounds and the enemy started speaking to them and they became controlling and manipulative and deceptive.

Fortunately we are now seeing thousands around the world who are now getting freed as the Holy Spirit is connecting them to Restored to Freedom in order to become aware of what has been tormenting them for a lifetime.  People have been reading  and sharing the book Restored to Freedom available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.  Other ministries are taking stands to help people get set free.  This is a worldwide issue that is finally being addressed.  Pastors can no longer do nothing and allow people in their churches who operate in Jezebel to maintain their leadership positions as He is shutting down their churches and removing them from being pastors.

It is time to rise up and take action now as time is growing shorter before the return of Christ.  All those who have been operating in the spirit of Jezebel are being put on notice that we are on to you.  We are no longer turning a blind eye to allowing you continue to operate and wreck marriages and ministries.  We will expose you until you have no where to run or hide.  We are writing books and publishing blogs that will bring you to the end of your lies. We are talking about it on TV / radio and the internet.  Not to embarrass you but to help you get saved before the Lord takes you out.  He has had enough of your abusing victims.  He sees all and is saying it is time to be pure and righteous before Him.

Once you have admitted and repented and commanded the enemy to be gone you are finally able to enjoy a life full of peace, power and effectiveness.  You are finally able to sleep soundly at night and have prophetic dreams and visions.  You are finally able to hear the Lord’s voice clearly and be directed by Him and not the enemy.  Being restored to freedom has never felt so good.

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  • I need someone to help me I need help to be free. I’ve suffered for a long time and I have repented and renounced Jezebel and asked for forgiveness. But I have been suffering sleeping sweats, bad dreams fear, my back and neck are week. And sometimes I can’t eat because of anxiety/fear.

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