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The World is becoming aware of the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan

I am hearing many testimonies around the world of people who are getting delivered from the hardest spirits on earth, Jezebel and Leviathan.  As more and more people become aware of what the characteristics and behaviors are of those spirits, then more people who operate in them cannot hide in their secrecy and continue to torment others.  More people ultimately become freed.  There are two types of people that I have observed who have those spirits:  Those who deny that they have the spirits at all who have them at a very strong level and resist getting set free and those who want to be set free of whatever is holding them back and then get freed.

There are millions and millions of people who operate with the spirit of Jezebel (controlling, manipulative, lying, sexually selfish, dominating, raising voices, even becoming physically violent) and the spirit of Leviathan (prideful, twisting the truth in their minds, back and neck pain, insomnia, falling asleep when reading the Bible or a godly book or listening to the word, physical diseases like Fibromyalgia, Lupus, cancer).  They are pastors, pastor wives and mothers, worship leaders, teachers in the church, workers in Healing Rooms, on Prophetic Teams, in every church in the world. Restored to Freedom has been exposing these truths since 2015 but has taken until 2017 before we started to see an exponential growth as more people are telling their friends and now many people are talking about this epidemic problem.

Everyone knows people who operate in these spirits which are wrecking marriages, ministries, churches, and even companies.  They just didn’t connect the dots until realizing what the spirits were behind the behavior. When the truth comes out and people have the revelation of what they are dealing with, then we can finally help them get set free.  The biggest epiphany is when we know how a person obtains the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan.  The #1 reason is due to wounds from a father or mother when growing up.  If a child felt rejected, controlled, manipulated, criticized and unloved from either parent, then the enemy starts to whisper in their minds that they were not wanted, unloved, worthless, unprotected, never wanted born or they wanted a boy instead of a girl or vice versa.  Then the person believes the lies of the enemy and they become familiar with that voice inside.

Then as the child grows older they marry someone that they can control and dominate which creates strife in their marriage and ultimately drives a wedge between their spouse and divorce usually ensues.  To get set free the person must choose to forgive their parent who hurt them and anyone else as unforgiveness allows the enemy to stay in them.  Then they must complete the process by admitting that they have been operating in the spirits and repenting for it. Then taking their authority and commanding the spirits to go.

I have seen many people who have seen instant results as they immediately feel lighter and at peace and see miracle healings in their bodies once the spirits are gone.  Some take time because they don’t truly understand or believe in their spirits yet that they really have these spirits affecting them, but the Holy Spirit will continue to work on them.

What is exciting to see is that there are thousands around the world who are now realizing what they are dealing with for the first time.  Those that are in relationship with them now know that they themselves are not crazy – they realize that their spouse or person they are in relationship with  is the one with the spirits causing them to behave so strangely and scary.

As more and more are becoming aware each month of these spirits, then Jezebel and Leviathan are unable to continue to hide and ruin our world.  Christ is coming back for a pure and spotless bride and there have been so many people within all churches around the world who have been operating in those spirits.  As the veil of deception has been getting pulled back and people can finally see what has been going on within the church, those with the spirits have no where to hide but to simply tell the truth, admit that they have been operating in them, and then taking their authority and commanding the spirits to go in Jesus name.

God is definitely on the move as we are now hearing of thousands of testimonies from people who are getting set free.  I have been doing Worldwide Deliverance Sessions on Facebook LIVE the last Sunday of each month since March of 2017 where we see thousands watching and getting delivered and then miracle healings follow.  Then thousands more watch after the session has been posted, sometimes weeks and months later with the same amazing results.  I am now doing training and equipping School Of Ministry classes on Facebook LIVE which people can watch and be trained on the best practices that I have used over the past several years.  My book Restored to Freedom is getting people set free from Jezebel and Leviathan and my book Waking the Lion Within is getting people freed from the spirit of Ahab.

My latest book, Choosing A Godly Mate, is helping people get set free from spirits before they choose to marry someone.  If we get rid of the spirit of Ahab, then we will be far less likely to marry someone who has the spirit of Jezebel who will try to control and dominate us in marriage.  I am now speaking in colleges to help our youth wakeup to what they are operating in while still young so they can be freed before entering into a toxic marriage and then creating more Jezebels.

It is truly an amazing worldwide movement that is just beginning.  My Restored to Freedom book was recently translated into Spanish and German and is now available on Amazon.  This opens up a whole new opportunity for those who cannot speak English to be set free.  God wants us all to be real and honest with ourselves and to be freed from these spirits.  So many who are married to people who have Jezebel and Leviathan are depressed, lonely and some even suicidal as they have been abused for so long.  It is time to realize who the real enemy is in our relationships and uncover the truth.

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