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How do you know when you are freed from the enemy? You will feel peace, love & joy

So many Christians are tormented in their minds every day with thoughts that flood them throughout the day from the enemy.  They have no idea that their thoughts are not all their own because the church fails to teach them at a level that they can truly understand. They talk about taking their thoughts captive but fail to give them tools to actually do it on a day to day basis.  What good is it to memorize Bible scriptures yet never feeling at peace, love or joy on a daily basis?  We as a church must do a better job at explaining to people that Christ died on the cross and then gave us His authority to do the very same things that He did while on earth.  We simply must take His authority and walk it out.

When we hear a thought that comes to us that causes us to be in fear, anger, take an offense, we must recognize that the thought is from the enemy and to shut the thought down immediately.  So many people have been hurt by their parents growing up or have been molested, had incest or raped and the enemy now has legal right to speak to them very loudly in their minds. The chatter has become normal to them since a child and they have not gotten delivered from the enemy’s legal right to speak to them loudly and the church does a very poor job of getting them set free.  Deliverance is nothing more than truly forgiving all those who have hurt us (including ourselves), then repenting for what we have done and humbling ourselves and then taking our authority that Christ gave us to command the demons to hell, never to return to us.

I am seeing thousands of those in the church around the world who are finally becoming aware of the realness in their lives that they are hearing the voice of the enemy and it has caused them to strive, become angry, controlling and manipulating their loved ones, ruining their lives.  Once they have gone through a deliverance session (either on Facebook LIVE, You Tube, or in person) they no longer are hearing the voice of the enemy loudly to cause them to lose their peace, love and joy.  They no longer get angry with their spouse or children and are loving, calm and peaceful.  They are also seeing miracle healings in their bodies when the spirits of Jezebel / Leviathan are no longer tormenting them.  It is real. Testimonies are coming in from around the world.

It is truly a wonderful thing to watch hurting people in the church to learn about how to take back what the enemy has stolen from them.  The Leviathan spirit (described in Job 41) attaches itself to your spine and twists, causing back and neck pain, insomnia, causes you to fall asleep when trying to read the Word, or listening to a pastor preaching or teaching.  It gives you headaches. It twists the communication that you are hearing from others and makes you believe things that are not true.  You hear the person talking in mean tones when they are not.  It can also cause diseases such as fibromyalgia, cancer, bipolar, twisted organs, etc.   It causes people to behave very pridefully as it states in Job 41:34 “He beholds every high thing; He is king over all the children of pride.”  When people get set free from Leviathan they hear clearly, are no longer arrogant and prideful, and see miracle healings, have sound sleep and good dreams and no longer fall asleep when reading the Bible or Christian books.  Lives are changed.

When people get freed from the spirit of Jezebel they no longer behave with control, manipulation, jealousy, anger, sexually impurity and their entire relationships are no longer filled with strife.  Marriages are saved and ministries are purified.  It happens because they no longer hear the spirits speaking to them loudly. Their minds are at peace and they don’t hear the enemy chatter.

Therefore if you truly want to live a life of peace in your mind, love in your heart and joy in your soul, take away the legal right for the enemy to torment your thoughts.  Your life will never be the same.  Your entire countenance will change as you will go from a seductive and sinister person to a pure and lovely person.  People will notice it when you post an updated picture of yourself on Facebook as you can literally see the difference.  Your eyes are the window to your soul.  You can try to hide it but people can see it in your eyes as the eyes don’t lie.  There is nothing like it when I hear story after story when people have gotten delivered and they no longer strive and argue in their lives with people.  Their marriages no longer have arguments and strife.  And they are now more anointed then ever as the enemy spirits clog the Lord’s anointing in your life.  Being restored to freedom is the greatest feeling in the world.

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  • I am grateful to have found your website. Thank you for this much needed wisdom and discernment. I used to be part of a deliverance ministry but never got completely free. I think Lwvethian has been there my whole life as I struggle with terrible fear and anxiety finding it hard to trust Jesus. Now I am 51 and am having symptoms of facial nerve pain ,which Doctors offer no hope. I’m crying out to Jesus for answers and complete healing and deliverance.

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