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Who Do You Trust More – Yourself or God?

When you grew up as a child were you raised by two loving parents who protected you from those in the world who wanted to hurt you?  Did you feel loved unconditionally? Were you spoken to gently, encouraged, and cared for in ways that made you feel safe? Or were you hurt by a parent, step-parent or sexually violated causing you to feel like you could not trust those in authority over you?  For most people in the world the trust that developed in them with their parents was shaken as the enemy caused their parents or others to harm them through words, actions and trauma which caused them to not feel safe or protected.

When a child grows up not being able to trust their own parents who were supposed to protect and love them without conditions – their ability to trust God is impacted dramatically.  They have thoughts in their minds telling them that they cannot trust their mom or dad.  That they are not loved.  That they cannot trust anyone because if their parents let them down, how can anyone else be trusted to protect and love them. The enemy tells them lies that they buy into their whole life which causes them to control and manipulate others in relationship with them which in turn causes no one to want to be around them.

People who have been hurt do not want to be hurt again.  So they control others thinking that if they can make them do what they want then they will not have to feel pain again.  The enemy drives them in their thoughts telling them to never trust anyone….and ultimately if God allowed their parents to hurt them (and others) then you surely cannot trust God to protect them.

Proverbs 3:5-8 NKJV states “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.  Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord and depart from evil.  It will be health to your flesh, And strength to your bones.”

So many people who have been hurt are drawn into the church – to be loved on unconditionally – but until they are successfully delivered through forgiving all those in their heart who hurt them, and repenting for all pride in themselves – they will continue to hear the voice of the enemy causing them to hurt other people.  They will not be able to trust in the Lord and be driven by the voice of the enemy to sabotage all their decisions and relationships.  They will be puffed up in pride (spirit of Leviathan – Job 41) and desire to control others so they will not be hurt again (spirit of Jezebel – 1 and 2 Kings and Revelation 2:18-23).

So to completely trust the Lord requires that we ask Him to show us what happened so we can understand and then totally forgive.  If you can see that your parents or others who have hurt you were hurt themselves and only operated out of that pain because they were hearing the voices of demons, then you can understand and forgive them completely.  You can separate the person who hurt you from the demons that were tormenting them in their minds and thoughts.  Their souls were hurt deeply (mind, will and emotions) and need healed.  You know you have completely forgiven a person if you see them walk into the room you are in and you feel no animosity, anger or hatred that rises up in you. If you could go to them an hug them and tell them that you love them – then you have completely forgiven them.  Then the enemy will have no legal right to continue to torment you as long as you have humbled yourself from all pride.

Once you have forgiven everyone and humbled yourself you can then take your authority in Christ and command the spirits of Jezebel/Leviathan and Ahab (the enemy’s strongmen) to go to hell and be freed from the tormenting thoughts in your mind.  You can then be free to trust the Lord as you will hear His voice and be directed by Him.  You can then receive the desires of your heart as your heart will be pure and your desires will be godly.

When a person can trust the Lord for everything then the enemy can no longer torment them in fear.  They know that God is working all things together according to their good.  They do not have to look at their immediate circumstances and hear the voice of the enemy telling them that their life will never improve or turn around.  They speak life over their lives and see that the enemy can no longer affect them.  FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) no longer has a grip on them because they can discern the voice of the enemy and dismiss him.

So get delivered and free today and you will be able to trust the Lord for everything in your life without any fear.  You will walk in peace every day and enjoy your life.

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