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The deliverance process from sin and the demons that torment a person can take many months or years due to many factors. Do they believe a Christian can struggle with demons? Do they think they need to be delivered? How much pain, hurt and trauma did they endure? Do they blame their spouse or others for their negative behavior? Can they forgive all the people who have hurt them from their heart? Do they truly believe that have pride that needs to be defeated? Do they enjoy their sin more than the freedom from it?

People who are not healed of their soul wounds or delivered from their demons will cause much strife in their relationships, especially with their spouse and children. They will trigger frequently and overreact to simple things causing many arguments but their demons will cause them to not see that they are the issue so they won’t get delivered and instead blame everyone else (“It’s your fault that I react the way I do!”).

So eventually what happens when they refuse to get help for themselves is that their spouse or loved one will grow tired of their emotional abuse and arguments and will pursue counseling to try to get them to stop hurting them. Unfortunately those who cause the strife and abuse will often act like they are the victim and try to convince their counselor that the abused is actually the abuser. Thus the true abuser will not get their soul wounds healed or delivered. So the strife continues which will lead to separation and then eventually to divorce. Then the abusive person can choose to either get serious about their issues, and own it and pursue deliverance because they truly believe they need to change or to simply blame their issues on their spouse and others who become their ex-spouse or ex-friends.

Sometimes the spouse that is causing the issues in the marriage will act like they want to get delivered but the intentions of their heart are that they are only doing it to try to keep the marriage intact so they can stay living in the same house together instead of having to physically separate which inconveniences them. They don’t actually believe they need to change or get healed and delivered. Thus their intentions of their heart are to simply go through the motions of deliverance without really believing they need to change anything. They still believe that all their issues are their spouses because that is what their demons are telling them. Their intentions of their heart are to act like they want to change but they really don’t believe they need to change anything. They still believe all the issues of strife is because of their spouse needing to change. Thus they will not get delivered.

I know of many who would be deemed to be narcissistic or having the Jezebel spirit whose demons have convinced them that they are the victims instead of the true abusers. They will not get delivered until they admit that they need to change and are the problem. Until a person’s intentions of their heart are able to humble themselves to admit they truly need to get delivered they will only play with the heart strings of their spouse. They will simply fake that they will actually change all the while realizing once they are able to get their spouse to allow them to live together again with them that they will return back to their regular controlling selves and often really ramp up their abuse towards their victimized spouse. They want their spouse to pay for exposing their evil ways.

People have a freewill to choose to get delivered or to keep their demons. If a person truly wants delivered they will do it for themselves because they know they need it and will continue to pursue it until the process is finished. Those who won’t get delivered will only act like they want delivered in order to keep stringing their spouse along so they won’t divorce them. There are also those who are the abusers who lie and act like they are the victim to their family and friends who will go through and divorce their spouse and act like they need narcissistic abuse therapy – but the truth was that they were the ones who abused their spouse and needed to humble themselves to pursue deliverance. They obviously will not get delivered.


Jeremiah 17:10

“I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds

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