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Prophetic words often take many years to come to pass. The words are often accompanied by suffering extreme trials and tribulations, separations from many family members and friends as well as overcoming extreme adversities in order to fulfill the prophetic words spoken over them years prior. Many people give up as the enemy steals their dreams and visions and they never see their prophetic words manifest.

Think about Abraham. Can you imagine the joy that Abraham must have felt when the Lord promised him that he would have more descendants then the sand?

“For You said, ‘I will surely treat you well, and make your descendants as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered for multitude.’ ”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭32‬:‭12‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Abraham was 75 years old when God first made the promise that Abraham would be made into “a great nation.” Genesis 21:5 tells us that Abraham was 100 years old when Sarah finally gave birth to Isaac, which means Abraham had to wait 25 years!

Abraham waited for God and trusted Him to fulfill the promise He had made—he was a living example of Proverbs 3:5-6. But after 10 years Sarah gave up waiting on the promise and told Abraham to have sex with Hagar her maid servant whom she later gave birth to Ishmael (through whom the Muslim faith comes from).

In our waiting for our own promises and prophetic words we can also choose to doubt God’s faithfulness and take things into our own hands. We can take God’s plan A and cause it to change into a Plan B or C. Or we can choose to remind ourselves of God’s promises and His character and stay with Plan A. God is a promise-keeper, and sometimes (probably most times!) His timing is not our own. Most times His timing is longer than our own. So what can we do while waiting?

We should first take every negative thought captive and not listen to demonic spirits trying to convince us to give up. Many listen to the enemy coming against what they are believing for and hear over ten thousand negative thoughts a day.

We also need to do our part to help enable our promises to be fulfilled as most words often require effort on our parts. We can’t just sit back and do nothing.

We also need to make sure our lives are aligned with the Lord and we are living a righteous and holy life. We need to be healed of our soul wounds and delivered from demonic spirits. God can’t bless us when we are living a fleshly life full of sin.

I received my first prophetic words in January of 2009 at a Morris Cerullo conference in Nashville, TN. I had 3 anointed men who prophesied over me that I would eventually be in charge of a worldwide ministry helping people to get healed of their wounds and delivered. At the time I worked for Intuit Financial Services as an alliance partner manager. I had no thoughts or desires to ever do ministry.

The Lord led me to marry a woman and said I would love her like Christ. We married and on our wedding night she manifested for the first of thousands of times. God spoke to me that night and said that I would love her like Christ loved the church but I would have to endure some extreme abuse and not tell anyone about it. That I would learn much and eventually it would begin the ministry. So I stayed quiet and told no one and endured some of the most extreme abuse I could have ever imagined.

In October 2009 I was taking a tour of Israel with the Morris Cerullo ministry and Morris gave me a word in Jerusalem stating that the ministry God was going to use me in would grow rapidly around the world and would become very large.

My then wife went onto abuse me greatly for 6 years and after waiting for her to change I only saw her get worse. The Lord then asked me “Who are you going to submit to? Me or the demons in your wife?” He knew she was refusing to get healed and delivered so January 2015 I separated and for the first time in 6 years I had peace again. I also gained a lot of valuable experience concerning demonic oppression due to my ex wife which led to my ministry.

Then by October 2015 I opened up a healing and deliverance room at our church in Noblesville, IN and it soon became the busiest healing room in Indiana. Then in late 2016 I began to travel to other states and do ministry and in 2017 I traveled full time around America and Canada living in other people’s homes full time. I wrote 9 books in 5 years. People around the world began following on Facebook and YouTube.

I was then connected to a woman who portrayed herself as godly on Facebook but she turned out to be a witch in late 2018. So then I learned some things to help warn people of what to look for in witches in the church since so many have infiltrated the church. I then met another woman in 2019 and she was not healed of her soul wounds so I learned of the importance and process of helping people get their soul wounds healed before deliverance. The ministry continued to grow as I traveled throughout the US during Covid in 2020.

Then I met my kingdom wife and married her in March 2021 and we traveled America before the Lord had us move to Dallas to establish our base for the ministry in late October 2022. I’m now doing about 10 personal soul wound healing and deliverance sessions per week. Daily teachings online. Even added a Sunday morning online church service for people who don’t have local churches who understand deliverance. We are getting connected to many people and ministries in Texas and doing events in churches and hotels and the best is yet to come.

So it’s been 14 years since the first prophetic words were spoken to me back in 2009 and after many trials and overcoming people who were not healed and delivered trying to stop me it is growing more than ever around the world. Over 75k people now follow on TikTok, and tens of thousands of others on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Thousands ordering books and seeing their lives transformed!

So if you have received a word from the Lord or someone has prophesied over you understand that you may have to wait for years before it fully comes to pass. There may be many components and people required to have to come into place to see it manifest as well. You may have to overcome a lot of enemy interference trying to get you to give up. Much betrayal, lies and gossip to overcome. You may have taken some things into your own hands like Abraham and now need a Plan B to see your promises come to pass.

Ultimately trust the Lord and speak life into what the Lord has told you. Never speak negative over your situation. Stay positive. God is faithful and just. Do your part and God will do His.

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