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There can be several reasons why your prayers aren’t seeing the results you want. 

  • If you are praying for your spouse or parents to change and treat you with love and respect and stop abusing you then you need to understand they have a freewill and you cannot override it anymore then Jesus couldn’t override the Pharisees who hated him. They have been hurt as children and have not been able to forgive all who hurt them so demons will attach to their soul and attack their minds causing them to manifest on you. Pray they can forgive all who hurt them from their hearts. If they refuse to pursue deliverance for themselves then you may need to protect yourself from their abuse and separate from them. Give them to Jesus and pray the scales be removed from their eyes to see the truth. You do not want to allow them to continue to say or do things that continue to wound you or you will never heal. 
  • If you are praying for your horrible circumstances to change you may need to take action and remove yourself from demonic people in your life. You may need to leave your toxic family, job, church people, move away from those who hate you. Rescue yourself.  Pray the Lord provide a way out but do your part. Often times the Lord uses bad circumstances to have us trust Him and eventually it stretches and strengthen us and ultimately help others who are enduring tough things. Our pain is for others gain. 
  • If you are praying for your children to change you may need to humble yourself and apologize to them for the things you said and did to hurt them. They also may be believing lies about you that your spouse or ex spouse told them. Pray that the demons tormenting them are bound in Jesus name and that they will receive the truth. Continue to love them and do not take offense against their improper actions or words to you. Hurting people hurt people. 
  • Also if you have unrepentant sin in your life make sure you forgive all who hurt you, repent for pride and all sin, and walk in the fruit of the spirit or the demons will have legal rights to torment you with negative thoughts and physical sickness (Matthew 18:21-35)

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