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When stressful times come – demons cause people to trigger into an alternate personality of fear, anger, jealousy and evil more often and thus arguments and strife will occur at a more frequent pace.  When people don’t know if they should wear a mask or not, aren’t sure if they will get paid from their employer or not, unsure if they can attend their church anymore or eat out at a restaurant or even work out at the gym from one month to the next, then they will feel anxious, worried, fearful, angry, and confused - which leads them into striving and arguing much more than usual.   Thus the demons are speaking to people at a much more bold and frequent level than ever before as they know their time is growing shorter on earth. Also witches are actively cursing people more and having "schools of ministry" online acting like they are Christian when in reality they are teaching people witchcraft and cursing them. July 21 was a recent day of more active curses from witches. I have heard from more people who have heard an increase from the enemy in their minds telling them to do things to argue,…

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