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Freemasons Usher in the Leviathan Curse to Their Families

So many people around the world are afflicted by the Leviathan spirit which wraps around a person’s spine and twists it, causing scoliosis, back pain, neck tightness, insomnia, becoming sleepy when reading or listening to the Word.  In some cases it even causes a person to receive Fibromyalgia and cancer.  My own grandfather was in it and I had no idea until years after he passed away. I had scoliosis and had to stop playing basketball in 7th grade. I suffered from headaches and had to go to a chiropractor on a regular basis.  So how does one get the Leviathan spirit?  You can receive it through significant emotional wounds from your father (or mother).  But you can also receive it if you had a father, grandfather or great-grandfather that was involved in the Freemasons due to a curse that comes down through the blood line because of things done in secret.

The Leviathan spirit can afflict generations within the same family, especially if the father, grandfathers, great grandfathers or earlier ancestry on either the mother or father’s side was involved in the Blue Lodge, Freemasons, Scottish Rite or York Rite, and Shriners.   Members of those organizations pledge secret oaths to Allah and against Christianity. This dates back to the early 1700’s in London, England and if members ever shared what went on in their meetings they pledge that a knife be poked in their eyes. Historically Freemasons were known for their secrecy and a way to obtain more business contacts and thus become more financially successful.  Many policemen, government, banking and other business related men looking for connections were common members.  Those that are members today say to people outside of the organization that things are different than they used to be in the past but are they really?


Over the years, some people have claimed that Freemasons worship Lucifer, or Satan.  The truth of the matter is that the name Lucifer is not found in the rituals of the Blue Lodge, or the York Rite.  It is not apparent that Lucifer is mentioned by name in the Scottish Rite degrees, either.  However, one of the “Sacred Words” in the 17th Degree of the Scottish Rite is “Abaddon,” the angel of the bottomless pit, mentioned in Revelation 9:11 NKJV “And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.”

Worship does occur in Masonic Lodges.  One of the primary purposes of Freemasonry is worship.  Masons worship a god which they call the Great Architect of the Universe.  The symbol they have chosen to represent their god is the All Seeing Eye, which the Egyptians used to represent their pagan god, Osiris.   Many Masons are well aware of the pagan connection.  It is clearly stated in a number of Masonic Monitors.

Since Freemasonry teaches a false plan of salvation, Masons are not following in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  2 John 1:9 NKJV says “Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God.  He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son.” So this allows us to know that since they are not following in the teachings of Jesus, they do not know God.  Freemasonry is classic paganism.  1 Corinthians 10:20-21 NKJV states 20 Rather, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God, and I do not want you to have fellowship with demons. 21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s Table and of the table of demons.”

This confirms that the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, rather than God.  Although we can say with certainty that the god of Freemasonry is a demon, we do not know specifically which demon Masons worship in lodge.  We simply know that they refer to their demon as the Great Architect of the Universe, or GAOTU.  All demons are under the leadership of Satan.  Therefore, Freemasons cannot avoid worshiping Satan by proxy.  Very few of them realize the facts in this aspect of Masonic worship.  A great many Masons, even some who do not claim to be Christians, would leave the lodge immediately if the names of Satan, or Lucifer, were substituted for the GAOTU in Masonic prayers.  Satan would not allow that to occur, because the more effective lie is the one which is closer to the truth, without being true.

If an ancestor has ever been a Grandmaster of a lodge, or initiated into high level Witchcraft, the Leviathan spirit will increase into what is known as The Leviathan Curse. Persistent feelings of anxiety and neck or back pain are signs that one may be under The Leviathan Curse. You can, however, carry the Leviathan Spirit and not the curse.  One woman was dying from 4th stage lung cancer and had a dream.  In the dream was Jesus and her grandfather.  Jesus told her that the reason she had cancer was because of her grandfather.

Leviathan is depicted as having seven heads which are Pride, A Critical Spirit, Confusion (Stupor), Impatience, A Lying tongue (Deception) and Contention (Discord, Hate, Murder). These are reflected in Proverbs 6:16-19: NKJV “These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.”

Below is Job 41 which describes the Leviathan spirit:

New King James Version (NKJV)

1 “Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook,

   Or snare his tongue with a line which you lower?

 2  Can you put a reed through his nose,

   Or pierce his jaw with a hook?

 3 Will he make many supplications to you?

   Will he speak softly to you?

 4 Will he make a covenant with you?

   Will you take him as a servant forever?

 5 Will you play with him as with a bird,

   Or will you leash him for your maidens?

 6 Will your companions make a banquet of him?

   Will they apportion him among the merchants?

 7 Can you fill his skin with harpoons,

   Or his head with fishing spears?

 8 Lay your hand on him;

  Remember the battle—

  Never do it again!

 9 Indeed, any hope of overcoming him is false;

  Shall one not be overwhelmed at the sight of him?

 10 No one is so fierce that he would dare stir him up.

    Who then is able to stand against Me?

 11 Who has preceded Me, that I should pay him?

    Everything under heaven is Mine.

 12 “I will not conceal his limbs,

    His mighty power, or his graceful proportions.

 13 Who can remove his outer coat?

    Who can approach him with a double bridle?

 14 Who can open the doors of his face,

    With his terrible teeth all around?

 15 His rows of scales are his pride,

    Shut up tightly as with a seal;

16 One is so near another

    That no air can come between them;

 17 They are joined one to another,

    They stick together and cannot be parted.

 18 His sneezings flash forth light,

    And his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning.

 19 Out of his mouth go burning lights;

     Sparks of fire shoot out.

 20 Smoke goes out of his nostrils,

    As from a boiling pot and burning rushes.

 21 His breath kindles coals,

    And a flame goes out of his mouth.

 22 Strength dwells in his neck,

    And sorrow dances before him.

 23 The folds of his flesh are joined together;

    They are firm on him and cannot be moved.

 24 His heart is as hard as stone,

    Even as hard as the lower millstone.

 25 When he raises himself up, the mighty are afraid;

    Because of his crashings they are beside themselves.

 26 Though the sword reaches him, it cannot avail;

    Nor does spear, dart, or javelin.

 27 He regards iron as straw,

    And bronze as rotten wood.

 28 The arrow cannot make him flee;

    Slingstones become like stubble to him.

 29 Darts are regarded as straw;

    He laughs at the threat of javelins.

 30 His undersides are like sharp potsherds;

    He spreads pointed marks in the mire.

 31 He makes the deep boil like a pot;

   He makes the sea like a pot of ointment.

 32 He leaves a shining wake behind him;

    One would think the deep had white hair.

 33 On earth there is nothing like him,

    Which is made without fear.

 34 He beholds every high thing;

    He is king over all the children of pride.


105 Replies to “Freemasons Usher in the Leviathan Curse to Their Families”

  • This is a real eye opener especially to family curses. I know that there were freemasons in my family tree and that it ain’t good. Breast cancer and diabetes are major in my family on both sides. And if we can pray ad rebuke these evil spirits away just like Job did against satan after he found out who was the cause of all of his misery.

  • I have had back and neck pain my whole life. I thought it was from trauma during birth. There are several people in my ancestors that are Mason’s, etc. My dad was a Master and went on to Scottish rite and York. Was a Shriner at some point. My first husband was a mason. So was both grandfathers. My parents were in OES, too.
    I might need deliverance.

    • Yes sounds like you are definitely being affected by the spirit of Leviathan. You can watch my Worldwide Deliverance Session on FB LIVE tomorrow night at 9 pm EST by LIKING my FB ministry page at http://www.facebook.com/restoredtofreedom and then when I go LIVE I will take you (and thousands of others) through deliverance

      • Thank you for this information. Where may we obtain this deliverwnce video. Is it perhaps on you tube or fb ? Thank you simone

          • God bless you, could I ask for prayer? I have exposed this in my family to the point of leaving my family unless they repent under God’s guidance. Not my spouse and children, but my parents and I am 38. God sent me to Joshua 24, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and then about Jesus being a Sword, its either Matthew 5 or 10, been studying allot lately.

            My mother renounced it yesterday praise the Lord! My dad is silent.

            Regardless I choose Jesus!

            He has delivered me from all of this almost without human interaction. I came out of atheism and then into Thyatira and then Laodocea, God has never stopped pouting out, pursuing me and radically transforming me. He is my standard of faith and the one who has given a skeptical doubter like me, a scoffer even mercy that makes me weep sometimes for hours…and those are the moments I treasure most. Melting before my Lord Jesus with who He is, nothing can amount to that

  • This is such an eye opener for me. I was adopted and was severely abused by my adopted parents. In my birth family I see curses that have fallen upon me and from adopted family. Sexual abuse was a secret in my adopted family. I suffered sexual abuse from my dad. I see I have the Jezebel spirit and want to be free. How do I do that?

  • Im trying to understand this because my Grandfather was a Mason and he loved the Lord. He went to Church every Sunday, would sit in the bathroom for hours reading the bible and preach/taught the word of God in our home when times got tough he was even on the Deacon board. I have heard a lot of this about Masons but never experienced evil with my Grandfather. Is there an explanation for this?

    • They are often very nice people and most all attend church but the oaths that the organization do in secret are not godly. If they get to the 32nd degree they must pledge their lives serving “The Great Architect of the Universe” which is satan. Then they can become a Shriner. It is all about maximizing money for themselves. They pledge that they will never share what goes on behind closed doors or they have to put a knife in their eyes. They do the process gradually so the first several years you don’t pick up on things that are not godly. But the longer you stay in it the more evil it becomes. My grandfather was in Freemasons as well. Attending church and such is all a front. They wear rings that they can show to police if they are ever pulled over for a ticket and they will give them a pass or a warning instead of a ticket.

    • Hey hey hey.. a freemason who loves the Lord will all too soon discover than the Lord doesn’t even know HIM!!! There are also plenty of spirits that Satan ( good old “Father Kristmas” ( spelled differently on purpose!!! ) himself!!!” ) can send in as a “substitute” for Jesus!!! You cannot serve Jesus and Satan!!! Sorry. but unfortunately, there’s your answer!!! The poor man made a BIG MISTAKE!!! I’m afraid there’s just no “good news” there. Sorry. I’m afraid It is what it is.

  • I would appreciate prayer. I have been attacked by individuals and groups of FM here in Denver, CO. My brother set this in motion after the funeral of our mother. IT was really ugly, that initial attack. I’ve had much deliverance and inner healing but I’m SO aware of constant attack upon me. The problem is, this has been going on for 7 1/2 years at this point. This computer I’m on is not secure, my phone is listened into, and I have NO idea as to why! I’m one small person in a city of several million, with no government job, no security clearance. It just seems like a vow of constant harassment. and all for what?
    Please pray that I can find someone who will, first, believe me and 2nd, know how to pray certain prayers. This leviathan thing is real and I can feel it in my back. I constantly stand against it. Hopefully someone out there will know someone, anywhere in the USA that knows how to get at this, and remove it! We had FM on both sides of the family about 2 to 3 generations back, and I’m sure this is part of the reason this came to find me, that and my bi-polar sibling (who practices some kind of FM, witchcraft & knows how to commit all sorts of incestuous acts, and destruction……………..puke!)

      • If your “furniture is talking” and you are in a sound mind, you need to consider getting rid of the furniture, as well as deliverance. Is this home or objects from Masons in your family?

    • Did you find help? I’m currently going thru horrible issues as well for most of my life. My furniture is manifesting (talking) and I have so much paranormal activity in house it is unbelievable and I’m trying to find help. I had 3 known ancestors in associated lodges (Orangemen or orangeism). I’m looking for resources or help with what to do. I’m spending more time praying and my church is praying for me but their deliverance is not at the level that I need.

      • See Rebecca Brown’s- “Protecting Your Fortress”. There are most likely antiques/cursed objects in your home that need to be burned and gotten rid of. If you have cursed objects in your home or anything affiliated with demonic worship they give demons legal rights in the spiritual realm to be present.

      • He is very expensive. That’s not going to work for persons who also have a spirit of poverty manifesting. Many of these evil spirits come in groups.

      • Is it right or even biblical to charge a person to be set free. Remember what Jesus told His disciples before He sent them out to minister: “Freely you have received now freely give.” To me it is completely unloving to prevent a person from being set free because you can’t afford it. I mean what would Bob Larson do if they couldn’t afford it? Tell them they can put it on a payment plan? The whole thing just sounds worldly to me. Another verse comes to mind as well concerning false teacher that they consider godliness great gain.

        • As soon as everyone else works for free in their jobs then they can tell those who do full time ministry that they should do their jobs for free. Even Jesus took up money and offerings to pay for His ministry (Judas kept the money). With our ministry we have over 1,000 free videos that people can watch to get delivered, but if anyone wants to take the time of our president to do a personal session then they will need to pay for his time.

        • I’m
          Desperate to get my son free from the demons that just took his mind. I would hire Bob Larson if he would travel. My sons an anointed drummer and cameraman. He acts like a child. Yes I would hire Bob. He gets the root out. It would be my donation to his work.

    • I believe if they molested you as a child and or teen in one of their rituals they stalk harrass watch and possibly do spells and of witchcraft on people so they remain opressed and can’t ever rise up against their twisted brotherhood or what the f they think it is. I now one thing pedophila is certainly an abomination to the Lord and so is taking oaths they are cops who stalk and make you look crazy it’s fucking corrupt and Savage.

  • My GrandFather was a mason. Was told he was a high priest. He wore this huge gold ring. Blue sapphire with diamond in center. I remember a ruler and compass that formed a V. I asked him what it meant but he wouldn’t say. At his funeral he had apron on to Serve GOD in the afterlife. Gramps was a very cold and distant man. He was always at odds with my Dad. They didn’t get along well Dad dabbled in witchcraft claimed he learned from being in the war. I have scoliosis. Sometimes hard to keep mind on things of GOD. There is more too personal to put in here. Thanks

  • I am at the lowest point of my life. I have spent 37 years married to a man who’s abusive in every way. He’s especially irate right now because I got some understanding of exactly what it means to be a Freemason, and I tried to share the information with him and warn him. The demons of freemasonry have risen up against me in a very scary way through him, and all I can do is stay locked in a bedroom and hope he can’t get to me. He has me controlled through being sure he owns everything we have, nothings in my name – not even the utilities, and now I feel especially trapped because he’s very sick now with heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes, and partial blindness and needs help constantly. I’ve kept my job but I have to rush straight home and he lets me sleep only about 4-5 hours a night. I feel I’m trapped with no way out and am so disappointed that God hasn’t delivered or rescued me from this yet. Today I wish to die. It’s my only hope. The freemasonry crap is spreading to my son even though he didn’t join. I renounced all vows made to freemasonry even though I didn’t make them. I have no money since we live paycheck to paycheck since he’s disabled. Hopeless. Father please help me. I can’t do this anymore.

    • Praying for you! Separating would give you an immediate peace and will help your overall health. He needs to be humbled and realize that he can no longer control you (or kill you with his demons).

      • Is it primarily just through mental rejection, or dose their have to be a physical rejection too… And when speaking Ann Kennedy you said that her husband has no control over her…. But clearly she has experienced otherwise…. Are you speaking of demons in a physical literal sense….. Or metaphorical????

        • When people are married to people with the spirits of Jezebel/Leviathan they will be controlled and manipulated and often times begin to have physical sickness come upon them due to the verbal control and abuse. When people are rejected by their mothers or fathers growing up (emotionally or physically) they can pick up the spirit of Jezebel/Leviathan due to that rejection. We do not have control over our spouses that have the spirits of Jezebel/Leviathan (we cannot command the demons to go from them as they have free will). Jesus could not cast out demons from the Pharisees because they wanted the spirits of Jezebel/Leviathan in them to control and manipulate others in the church.

    • There is no order from God to stay with a husband who causes you to want to die ! God lovesyou very much and sent His son Jesus to die for you ! Your life is a gift ! Run don’t walk to leave this demonic home ! From a distance you can pray for your husbands salvation and freedom from his demonic control ! Staying is not honoring God – leaving saves your life and God can work on the man . If he will receive God !! Please tell people and shed light on this darkness ! Don’t believe the enemy’s lies that death is the only way . I tried to commit suicide to leave a marriage ! God saved me and healed us . But not until I left and we were separated for a time !! I pray in Jesus name you get supernatural strength !! Don’t tell him but leave for safety !!!

  • Thanks for all the information. I also think that I am being affected by these spirits. Two years ago I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma a type of cancer of the bone marrow. This affects my spine and now I have neck pains that goes and comes
    I have received healing at church and no longer wears back braces thanks be to Almighty God. There are still lingering effects of this spirit. I know there are generational curses evident in my family as my grandfather was in witch craft on my county it is called ‘ obeah’, and my mom once jointed the Lodge, she did not stay long in it. I think I need deliverance some of the things in your post I experience. Please pray for me and I will view your deliverance videos, thank you

  • Hi, those with Scottish roots, who believe they have a generational curse, need to look into the Gavin Dunbar Curse. He cursed the border raiders in around the 14 th Century. Google it, the family’s surnames are listed on the websites. This curse needs to be broken for freedom and healing to happen.

  • Is there great disharmony between a Freemason (32) and a Christian wife! Adamantly refuses to see any spiritual connection to anything evil. We cannot discuss it. He is easily offended about it.

    • Yes – the evil spirits within him will not get along with you. He needs to get delivered from the spirit of Jezebel / Leviathan that have come upon him because of his involvement with the Freemasons. It will be extremely challenging if he is at the 32nd degree level as he would have made an oath to serve Satan at that level.

      • this is blowing my mind, my dad, my grandfather & uncle are all 32nd degree freemasons…my mom & my dad are still together but i know that my mom is under my dads control, & it saddens me cuz she has such a beautiful spirit also she has bad neck pain…can u please expand on info that i may need to understand all of this…my whole life has felt like a curse…I don’t like to blame anyone for my downfalls, however i’ve noticed my test has been extreme many times..

  • My first husband came from a generational line of Masons, including his maternal grandfather, his aunt, his sister and herhusbandthat I know of. In 2010, before he divorcedme the following year, I prayed for three hours with a dear pastor friendof mine who leads an international prayer ministry against every curse of every level of freemasonry,and broke the curses off me and my two sons,and I know that as solid Christians we have the right to declare that an undeserved curse has no effecton us, and we certainly didn’t deserve those curses in our lives. Since then, I’vecome under some heavy attack from my now ex ,including 5 years of him trying to ”annul” our 37-year marriage through the Catholic Church (no,neither of us was Catholic, but the woman/Jezebel he married at some point was nominally Catholic. Only this past spring did he withdraw his third petition to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, after having been denied by the Diocese of Phoenix twice. In 2015 I had a dream about him casually talking with me about a cell phone plan, while he was cutting my heart out with a knife! Boy, that’s a Masonic curse for sure! I’m going to a Healing Room on Tuesday to pray again God’s protection and the Blood of Jesus for me and my sons and grandchildren.

  • Can the curse affect in-laws as well? One of my in-laws was a freemason, although not anymore. I have had misfortunes that I cannot explain, lost a lot of money, and family members are sick and doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong. Is there a way to reverse and remove the curses?

  • Hi, my grown daugther and I have been studying on the different spirits that affect the church today. Your article has been very very helpful thank you for all the information. We would love to read some more if you could please direct us to those sites. Also my question is how could we know for sure if we have one of the spirit trying to attach on us or are already attached on us what if we suffer from some of the traits but not all of them?

  • I do not believe in religion and have a particular aversion to the three abrahamic religions in particular. My Dad’s Dad who was a WWll hero was a 33rd degree Mason. My Dad, his only child is a pyschic dud just like my mother. My sister and I got the dna. Since childhood we astral project and communicate with other beings. I can channel energy and project it. Horrible, evil beings attack me since childhood. They torment us both. This bloodline has been an atrocious curse. My mother has done nothing but pray, that has been a farce. Nothing helps. I have two children now, I hope it skipped them, but I worry about my future grandchildren.

  • Do you have books about breaking the curse etc…I know people who need it….I divorced a evil mason…his whole family involved in it….and of course they all sit in the church.

    • Yes – Restored to Freedom breaks off the Leviathan spirit which has legal right to torment you if you had any relatives involved with Freemasons, Eastern Star or Shriners. You buy the book on Amazon in paperback, Kindle or Audible.

  • Hello. I’m from Zimbabwe. My daughter recently was diagnosed with scoliosis. I’ve not seen her in 2 years due to family disputes from both sides. I strongly believe that this is not how God created her and that this is not physical but rather spiritual. I would really like to purchase your book Restored to freedom but currently financially challenged. Are there any of your videos that I can watch? Please help.

  • Grandfather was a potentate Shriner. I do not remember my childhood. I had brain cancer at 6. Could someone tell me if childhood abuse is common anong Mason’s. My grandfather passed before I was born as well as my grandmother. I’ve been searching for how these Mason’s work it bothers me I cannot remember

    • People who are in Freemasons ultimately must make vows to serve the enemy which can effect their children and grandchildren (3rd and 4th generations). Read a book by David Barton as it explains a lot.

  • Masonry, the sure path to ruin. You may not see it now in the beginning, but you will as you progress in the craft and further yourself away from God and your Christian faith…

    For starters, masons are interested ONLY in accepting those that hold some position of importance or authority in society. If it is a would be or actual politician than even better! Masons do NOT accept regular joes, homeless, or unimportant lazy folk. Second, the hook is the so-called Believe in a Higher Being nonsense (be it Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc.). Third, as the mason progresses through the stages in the craft, the end goal for him is to realize that He does not need God because the transformation has occurred whereby the member realizes he is a God unto himself. Moreover, the ceremonies he participates in are Occult period and anti-Catholic (Christian), Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist. They are demonic period.
    Fourth, it is the duty of every mason not to knowingly or wittingly do harm, talk bad about or tell on his fellow mason. And, when a fellow mason is in need or danger to help him above all else. Therefore, this is the WHY it is so simple for the pedophiles within the occult mason organization to easily rape, molest, enter children with impunity. Some use mikey Finn, or simply get vulnerable children in exchange for cash to their families who need it. No fellow mason can, or is allowed by their own acceptance of the rules when entering the craft, to “tell” on one another. Hence, the perfect crime.
    Fifth, just to clarify, the end game of masonry, which also is the de facto mission of the occult, is to slowly like hairloss, have it’s members deconstruct all that is descent and Holy in society. Masonry and Catholicism are non-congruent. This is why every mason has a duty to oppress society (one of the masonic central tenets is: Through Chaos Comes Order, and it is the masons that will establish their occult order unto society). This is the reason why they work hard to destroy all that is sanctity in society and impose demonic teachings (For example: no Lord’s prayer, gays and lesbians and 1/2 and 1/2 are a good thing,not a mental disorder which it is and if you oppose this you are racist of some sort. Have an abortion because it is not a human you have inside you but a piece of pepperoni, flood countries with muslims who NEVER integrate and are shut-in and by nature only impose on all their religious ways of thinking at all costs etc.).
    And lastly, If one is a Catholic one cannot become a freemason. DO NOT be fooled by the masons and their lies. It is a mortal sin and excommunication to follow. If it were up to me i would banish masonry peiod, jail the pedophiles and bring forth to the Hague International Court all masons to pay for their Crimes Against Humanity. Hopefully, some day, this will occur.

  • I was born with Scoliosis and my large intestines were twisted at birth. I had to have my Large intestines removed and I was first fused at L5 when i was six years old. Later in life I needed a spine fusion from T3 down into my hips. I then found out my urethra was also twisted and I have had to have 5 surgeries on my urethra. 3 major spine fusions and a life of health problems because these greedy Freemasons and shriners want to do magic and have gay perverted incestuous sex. They think that money is real and that is the worst lie humans have fell for. I can feel energy all around me and I work as a massage therapist who also does energy work. No one taught me how to channel energy. It is just something natural to me. Why or how did I get drawn to the occult when I knew nothing about it.

    • Sounds like Satan targeted you when you were young. As you get freed you will have a strong anointing over it.

  • I am so excited to have discovered your site and ministry. I live in Redding and go to Bethel Church. I will be watching the videos and thinking of completing the teachings since I strongly believe I am called to the deliverance ministry. I too have freemasonry in my family. I have renounced it but wonder if I effectively removed the curses from my children. Both of my sons, young adults have severe issues that align with what you said about the Leviathan curse. It is my duty and my calling to learn this so I can help my family as well as others be set free. I had a dream a few years ago that I was at an outdoor event full of people playing in the water and having a great time. As I went out on the water in a boat, I saw alligators every where but no one else seemed to notice them. I had my youngest son with me and he was young like maybe five. The alligator swallowed him. I ran to a vendor tent selling knives and I grabbed the alligator by the tail and filleted him open and out came my son onto the ground. I had no fear in the dream and when I awoke, God reassured me of the authority I carry with is of Him and gave me confidence to be bold and trample serpents, scorpions and every wicked thing. Any insight or words of encouragement would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Deliverance brings purity, holiness and allows us to be the true Christians that Jesus wants. The Lord will bless you greatly and the enemy will not be happy. Great job !!!

  • please contact me; I would like to be a real follower of Jesus Christ and would like to meet GODLY people here where I live/ or around Vienna/Austria. thank you very much for your article. I feel I am affected by many strange things. thank you so much.

  • I only want to comment on the Freemason side. (I am a Jesus believing Christain and I know no one can get to Heaven without obeying the Bible, and submitting to Jesus plan of salvation. Acts:2:38). Besides that, a child was adopted by a couple. This father joined Freemasons. The mother joined some woman’s part in f it. From the beginning the child was told she could never know what went on at the meetings. Fast forward, Freemason took over her father, left her a dollar in the will. Cremated and buried her dad without seeking her premission. Then I telling this story to a Freemasons daughter am told “the Freemasons don’t lie”. I said really? The Freemason told the hospice care nurses that the father “had no family”. The man never wrote or legally disowned his daughter until he died. So the “no family” was a lie. So don’t tell me that Freemasons don’t lie! They worship a devil god. To the others in this news feed, follow the Acts 2:38 salvation plan and Jesus will heal you.

  • From a very early age, around 7 I guess, I believed there was a curse on my family. Alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, strife, tragic deaths, crime, and involvement in psuedo Christian cults . Then after decades, I learned this week many of my ancestors were Masons. Coincidence, I think not. I am currently the only active believer, they all seem blinded to the grace of God. No matter how many opportunities the Lord offers, they never truly accept Jesus. It has been frustrating to see this over the years. I am now a Catholic, but first became a Christian at 40. Masons are very anti Catholic. I’ve prayed for deliverance, for my family for five years straight.

  • Ive had severe migraines, back, neck, pain all over for as long as I can remember. I know at least my uncle has been a mason for well over 30 years, has a huge all seeing eye tattoo on one shoulder, and a huge tattoo of Kali on the other. He works for the department of Justice specializing in electronics and cyber forensics. My grandfather was a counselor for Charles Manson, and died of a heart attack when I was around 2. In the past ten years or so, my dad died of cancer, followed by my step grandfather of lung cancer whom my grandmother married some years after my grandpa- her first husband died of the heart attack. Then my aunt passed away – my grandmother’s 2nd child to pass away before her out of 4 children total. Then, just last year my grandmother passed away, who beat cancer years and years ago. I have never had any health issues besides the pain – no broken bones, stitches, not even a single cavity, but in the last 5 years, I’ve somehow been diagnosed with severe epilepsy, hepatitis b and c, and just recently Lyme disease. My mom now has cancer as well. My brother and I were both born on Friday the 13th, 2 years apart. What finally led me to research whether masons sacrifice family members is because my uncle’s grandson – my very close cousin’s son had some sort of accident last week which put him in the ICU with no blood flow to the brain, relying on machines and tubes to keep him going. The message sent to our family and friends stated that he was taken off of life support on the night of June 13th 2019, after fighting for 6 days, and was only 18 years old. I know masons love numerology and certain dates, so obviously these numbers stick out like a sore thumb to me. He had just graduated high school the week before, had tons of friends, athletic and intelligent. I don’t think anybody outside his immediate family knows what happened exactly, but I do know a few years back, my grandmother mentioned he was being put on antidepressants because he had told his mom – my cousin – that he was hearing voices in his head telling him to kill himself. I can feel that something is not right with this, also some very odd behavior from my uncle. Any type of comments are welcome and may help me better understand what I already know regarding Freemasons.

  • Please, I need some direction. My Great Grandmother was an Eastern Star. Im 52yrs old and have dealt with nothing but tribulations the majority of my life. I want to be set free from generational curses and evil brought on by my family’s misbehaviours. I do not want this to come upon my children and grandchildren either. Please, I need HELP!!! DELIVERANCE, FREEDOM?

  • I have read this with great interest as I can relate to this research to be true. I have experienced many of the problems identified. My father joined the Craft somewhere between 1996 to 1999 and this had sever adverse effect on me in a personality capacity.

    As a qualified professional one will think that after graduation life will accelerate in a progressive manner; however this is not the scenario. instead I continuously looses my job and it takes long periods to get back into employment and experiences sever health challenges despite being very well from childhood.

  • There has been a long run of Masons in my family, dating back to the 19th century as far as I know. The latest was my Uncle Harry who became a Nason after emigrating to Canada in the late 1950s. I have also had friends who were blue/apprentice Masons and one who was a Grand Master. When I moved to my current locations I came to know several Masons, one who was particularly aggressive towards me because I refused to drink with him for no other reason than I do not drink excessively, as he and a group of others did. Over the years (42 to be precise) I have experienced a gradual loss in income. My business declined very rapidly because I could never earn above a certain figure no matter how much time and effort I put into it. I now see why” Based on Deuteronomy 28 one of the Masonic curses is: Continuing financial insufficiency (regardless of income level). I have, I have recently Bound Satan and all the powers of darkness together as one in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Masonic curses it seems are powerful, but easily broken and bound in the name of Jesus. Here is a prayer I got from the Internet that I hope others will use. To be effective for God we have to cleanse ourselves, and protect ourselves and our families. Prayer is the way forward. Hope this helps:
    I renounce every evil spirit associated with Masonry and witchcraft and all other sins and, in the name of Jesus Christ, I command Satan’s evil spirits to be bound up into one, leaving nothing of evil remaining, and to leave me now, touching or banning no one, and to go to the place appointed for you by the Lord Jesus, never to return to me or my family. I claim the promise of God’s word that whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be delivered. Jesus, I ask to be delivered of every spirit of sickness, infirmity, curse, affliction, addiction, disease or allergy associated with these sins that I have confessed and renounced and I ask You to heal me and my family of all effects they have had.
    I surrender to God’s Holy Spirit and to no other spirit all the places in my life where these sins have affected me. I ask You, Lord, to fill me with (and baptize me in) Your Holy Spirit now according to the promises in Your word. I take to myself the whole armor of God promised in Ephesians 6 and rejoice in its protection as Jesus surrounds me with His Holy Spirit. I enthrone You in my heart. Lord Jesus, for You are my Lord and Savior, and my source of eternal life. Thank You, Father God, for Your mercy, Your forgiveness and Your love, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • I too feel a force in my jaw during prayer. I thought it was just me!

    Sometimes I do deliverance prayers and it goes away. Sometimes it returns. I just found out my mother’s father was a freemason. I never knew anything was wrong with it growing up until I remarried a few years ago to a 3rd degree Mason (though he has not attended meetings in years). However, I have been under high-level spiritual warfare for 5 months into our marriage.

  • I know several people who are Freemasons and everything you have said about Freemasonry is correct, except for one thing: They DO NOT worship Allah……they worship lucifer. I am extremely disappointed that you would attack Islamic faith in this cruel way. I am a Christian but I have very kind Muslim friends and neighbours and I can assure you they would not want any part of Freemasonry. My husband was high up in the British Military and he was invited to become a Mason but when he found out exactly what these wicked people are all about he declined. Naturally they targeted my husband because he refused to be a part of their evil and he basically become an outcast. We now live very basically and frugally but the great thing is we are free from the evil of these people. I can tell you for absolute CERTAINTY that Freemasons worship lucifer…….NOT Allah. Shame on you for targeting Muslims.

    • Yes they definitely worship Lucifer as I never mentioned Allah. Satan is Lucifer. Why do you think I mentioned Allah?

  • When my husband and I were baptized in 2008, our pastor renounced any family curses. Is it possible that that was not enough? I do not know of any freemasons in either of our past families, but the curse sure sounds like it could be at least part of our issues; and it’s entirely possible we just aren’t aware of any past connections.

    • If you both have not been healed from your past soul wounds and truly forgiven everyone who has hurt you then the enemy has legal rights to torment your thoughts and cause much arguments and strife and you can receive various sickness or disease. You can watch my latest deliverance video here. https://youtu.be/xsdR6TsQVaE

      • Ok so found out my great great uncle was a mason. He had some sort of invention that someone else ended up getting the credit, etc for and financially some of the family (a lot of siblings of the uncle’s niece and their kids) have had horrible luck, including myself and my mom.
        And as far as forgiveness goes, I guess I’m hosed-I WANT to want to forgive a few people that did me wrong BIG time, but I can’t get past it. Anytime I think of it I get emotional-angry, hurt, baffled, what have you. Thanks tons for your reply-it is much appreciated.

        So I have to amend this to add that during prayer the morning after I submitted the two paragraphs above, I was given the ability to forgive all trespasses! How cool is that?! I’m still a work-in-progress, but thank God for the progress made so far!

        • To help us to forgive you can say this “I command every demonic spirit that attached to my wound to separate from my soul” and then ask Jesus to come and give you a word or vision so you can see why a person hurt you – then you should be able to forgive from your heart. Then say ” I choose to forgive _________ and I pray that You heal their soul wounds and mine”. Then command all demonic spirits that attached to the wound to go to the pit in Jesus name. Then you should be healed and feel better.

  • Freemasonry instills a false sense of confidence in its damaged children, who understand the insider’s privelege surrounding the cult but who are crippled by the secrecy and deception required of it. Outsiders are forever wondering at these people, who always seem to make up the rules as they go along and who defy every Christian or religious ethic along the way. It is a farce, but keeps all outsiders off balance. The children are introduced to sex at an early age.

  • Good day
    I want to testify that Jesus Christ has set me free from the spirit of Leviathan and Jezebel.
    I want to encourage those reading your page, that Jesus is their only hope, and He is standing ready to heal and deliver them. I must tell you that I did also go to a deliverance ministry which did not help me at all. I am not saying deliverance ministries are bad, but my experience was, that Jesus wanted me to stop putting my trust in man, and start looking to Him, to deliver me. He is The Author and Finisher of our faith. He will finish the work He started in us.

    I also want to make it clear, that repentance is key to being set free. If you can’t “see” your sin, Jesus can’t set you free. What I have learnt is that, the Bloodline curses and spirits can only affect your life if you come into agreement with them, if you have manifested Leviathan through Pride or gossip or slander or Haughty look, you need to repent of that sin. Ask Jesus to show you your heart, as David did in the Psalms. The moment I started praying that, Jesus started showing me my heart. It was so painful. It was excruciating to see the condition of my heart. He showed me pride. I started dreaming of crocodiles and dragons over a course of 2 years. Today I am set free from Leviathan. I “saw” my sin of pride and Holy Spirit lead me to do a 3 day fast in December 2020. After the fast, on the 4th day, I was worshipping, then I saw the Leviathan spirit, as a sea monster swimming away from me. I then saw how Jesus came as a Majestic Eagle, and picked up this seamonster out of the water. He tore it up into pieces. I stood up from that floor and I was instantly delivered of asthma. Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord. He also showed me that Jezebel is purged from my life through a dream. Put your trust in Jesus.

  • Dont know how this typing possible. Am going insane. Totally incompetent to live. Am alone. Can anyone help me.!!!!!!!!!! Born 58 years ago under sacrifice to Satan through FREEMASON EVIL & DAUGHTERS of Job. MOTHER & GRANDFATHER Sacrificed me b4 birth. There has never been Any CONNECTION TO GOD OR ANYTHING EXCEPT UNIMAGINABLE SICKNESS OF MIND WILL EMOTIONS. DISCONNECTED FOREVER FROM ANY SPIRIT ANY EMOTIONS AT ALL NO SELF IDENTITY just death 8n m8nd body. No life of Christ just complete control by every DEMON LEGAL RIGHT TO OWN own MY SPIRIT BODY SOUL.
    Ive had demons try to kill me many many times especially in the evil mental hospitals where hell 9n earth is diabolical. Ive had demons throw my body all over diabolically & control it. The only existence is a diseased cursed, demon infested vessel. Born to hell, torment, terror, diseases all under freemasons. Every curse of freemasonry so many sicknesses unexplainable incurable that run in family. Born sick cursed emotionally mentally disturbed for eternity. My soul belongs to Satan. Never known free willl. Controlled totally in all ways. Evil spirits and sins,in family are control, stoicism narcissism jezebel, leviathan python & every demon has legal control under full wrath of God. manipulation, anger timidity unbearable weakness no self, no connection to people, anything in world. All family, denial hatred, word curses bitterness, resentment , co dependency, soul ties. Sins i have done, lack of mental control or any stability or proper function,unforgiveness, martyrdom, mind games, sick dysfunction, malice cruelty, lies blind to truth, sicknesses of allergies to all food to everything FUNGAL INFECTIONS rule. Ears always hurt infections fungus, nose throat congestion, unable breath thru nose every cell. asthma, constantbronchitis pneumonia, nearly die fr9m asthma & choking, fungus everywhere in cells. Skin diseases, digestive illness bones cant stand walk move from severe scoliosis, evil, spinal degeneration herniated discs, bones creak all since birth. Dropped on head as infant. Allergies to baby formula, NERVOUS SYSTEM system has NEVER calmed down. NEVER SLEEP since birth. BRAIN SEVERE DAMAGE SICK DISEASED. Never been able to function MIND OR BODY NEVER SUCCESS or ABLE TO do anything EVIL STOPS EVERY action.
    Have constant ACCIDENTS CALAMITIES falling down, getting injured, car accidents, No relationships No marriage, no children for family. Total alienation since early child. Emotions unstable. Isolation always. No LOVE, PEACE, COMFORT, JOY HAPPINESS, CHARITY, GIVING laughter, kindness, health, no heart At All.

    5 yrs of evil things in apt. Always alone no help. Can only be saved by God. 5 yrs losing sanity waiting for the most evil of hell & a horrific death.
    Dont leave bed house barely can eat Severe torment terror anguish misery hell just tryin to think at all. Total incaple incompetent always. Pathological shy or social anxiety, severe anxiety of all knds. Unspeakable depression no feelings no existance. Family sicknesses: migraines headaches, anxiety depression Depersonalization derealization disorder, Adhd, insomnia, fibromyalgia arthritis, skin disorders, anxiety depression memory brain disorder, inflammatory auto immune disease.
    Always poverty, every good thing kept from me. Nothing good right or normal can reach me.
    Why has God chosen my soul for his wrath when there is so much more evil than what my family did. Ive asked for salvation always been to churches, know that God is the only way truth & life & believe his word. Hes NEVER CHOSEN MY SOUL or had any connection to my spirit. Doesnt hear prayers from anyone. I sob so hard cry8ng out for Him i choke. 58 years dead to His kingdom.

    Has anyone on earth been under His full hatred or so Completely possessed by demons with no hope for SALVATION. PREDESTINED BY OTHER PEOPLE
    to hell every way every year minute .

    Ithe world can take me lock up 8n satans den of mental hospitals or a State Hospital for insane o incompetent

    sickness every minute 58 years.

  • Hello, can a family be cursed without being a Mason? My story is too long to even start to tell here, I could write a book. Tragedy and or family murdered by covert means. No Mason’s from Mother’s Father (my Grandfather) down to me. I’ve only recently become aware it could be a curse , that all the evil things that have happened were not a coincidence , I’m now in a dangerous situation. I am the last of the bloodline, all elders are deceased, I am in my seventy’s. This started in 1900. Everyone in my life has been used against me including other family and some of the others are Mason’s/Eastern Star. What kind of curse could this be? I am 100% sure about it being a generational curse. Thanks for any help!

    • Yes. We get cursed by struggling with the same sins our relatives struggled with. Also people can curse you (like witches or warlocks)

    • No. Many of us have struggles that our father or mother had. Example – Grandfather got hurt growing up and later turned to alcohol to numb his pain. He then said words or took actions to hurt his son. So then his son said and did things to hurt his own son. So grandson struggles with the same thing grandfather struggled with. So the same demons that tormented grandfather, then tormented his son and then his grandson.

  • THIS IS voice of a demon. THERES NO CHRISTIAN family TO SAVE FROM Evil possessing Jodie Woodman. I wrote of living in every curse & death fully controlled since birth by EVIL Curses ALWAYS stops anything i attempt to do or think. NO MENTAL EMOTION SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL FUNCTION. Can someone !CONTACT ME IM GOING INSANE alone uimaginable horror terror anguish death of mind, body to hell. Why did noone respond???? diseased without mental function. Why was my soul chosen in womb with allergic to all food. 57 years unimaginable torture. Food is poison. Nervous system on fully every minute never rest NEVER SLEEP SEVERELY DEMONICALLY POSSESSED cursed by God from Cursed family owned by Satan. Why was born. God knew I cursed as evil child w scoliosis demons of serpents.
    Witches in family cursing me to hell. Manipulation control t8mid, hatred cruelty envy, bitterness resentment, denial Jezebel leviathan python
    THIS BODY. SOUL stole from Satan at birth. Why NO CHRISTIANS TO SAVE in FAMILY .


    Too evil for prayer or any reach of God.
    Iwaiting,in insanity b taken to, asylum with unimaginable more demonic possession & horrific death. Why can this be of God to one who sought salvation. Wants God. DIDN’T CHOOSE.


  • Having read most of your article and as a proud athiest, I can safely say that the lord as mentioned would find me to be an abomination, according to the listed character flaws. However fortunately I am not offended as I don’t believe in any of these characters or narratives. I am responding on behalf of anyone who suffers the physical ailments mentioned. I want these people to be aware that remote directed energy attacks are used upon civilians to cause breast cancer, brain cancer and other cancers using drones from above or other weapons. Civilians are surgically abused in their sleep. Implants are used to trigger aneurysms and nerve pain. Numerology is used to disfigure and reconstruct a person’s facial features. From my own personal experiences, freemasons are responsible for this abuse. You can call it a curse but it is done on the material plane. Not due to some esoteric spirit belief. They use 4G and 5G tech implants to read minds also and many people are under surveillance via RFID implants and a 24/7 surveillance matrix. Civilians can shield from energy attacks with metal. And sleep with one eye open!
    The freemasons who stalk me are undead celebrities (who faked their own deaths). They left the Jodie Woodman comments on this page.

  • I don’t know my family’s history . I have been delivered . But how do you know exactly what you have been delivered from? Being delivered . Does that mean that you’ve been released of all curses and addictions

  • My Grandfather was a 33rd degree and it’s been very hard for me to process that. I have gone through a lot of the deliverance prayers on Bob Larson’s websites and have also gone through some of your deliverance videos and I will say that Jesus has used your videos to help me ENORMOUSLY Nelson. Like Tuesday my Grandfather was a very nice man and very loving and caring and I didn’t find out until the day that he died and found out he was buried with a 33rd degree ring. My family is from Indiana so its possible that our grandfathers might have met at some time Nelson. I find it interesting that the Catholic Church borrows some of the rites rituals and traditions of Masonry and they disguise them as being part of the “true church” and then they tell their members that they can’t be Masons. God led me out of the Catholic Church and I went through several deliverance prayers and renounced Catholicism and then also sent the bishop an email explaining that I was defecting and could no longer be a Catholic. Since then I have really felt a weight lift off me it was witchcraft oppression honestly. The Catholic Church is full of it. Thankfully I was saved 6 years ago and Jesus has filled me with the gift of the Holy Ghost! I hung around a woman that stunk of Jezebel before I got saved and I had to break ties with her both physically and spiritually. Totally into Kundalini stuff as well she was into third eye and Sylvia Browne (a psychic and witch) and also shamanism.

  • My patner father was a member for a bit but I wonder if this affected him and my son who is 15 going to be 16 end of this months . Things are not good and my home my partner smoking too much and now my son start smoking my son party too much and not doing well at school. My patner Heath is not good .

  • –This is important–
    Jesus taught that sometimes prayer isn’t enough.
    “Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him [the devil] out? ..
    “[Jesus said unto them] Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” Matthew 17:19-21
    Fasting may be need to be free of these curses. A 24 hour fast, started by prayer to God in the name of Jesus, and ending in prayer, with a donation to the poor after the fast, is sufficient. I have experienced this myself and know it’s true.

    You wrote, “Members of those organizations pledge secret oaths to Allah..” And also that you had no evidence that they swear oaths to Lucifer. But Lucifer is Allah. Albert Pike admitted that’s who they worship in Morals and Dogma and Shriners in the 32nd and 33rd degrees swear binding oaths to Allah.
    Lucifer is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew word Halal (like Halal food, or Jewish Kosher food.) Alah in Hebrew means “an imprecation; an oath; a CURSE.”
    [ See http://www.deonvsearth.com/who-is-allah-evidence-discovered-god-of-islam-satan-proof/ ]

    You cannot trust a Mason or BAR attorney to tell the truth. Their eyes are shut by the power of Satan due to their oaths. They are lost and it takes a miracle to reclaim them. They are condemned. Bar attorneys swear oaths to the Temple BAR and most don’t realize the temple is dedicated to Ba’al. Judges wear the black robes of the false priesthood to morn the death of justice, a practice started in 1666 with the Cestui Que Vie act which declared everyone dead so they could pilfer the trusts and fortunes of God’s children. This history is worth researching.

    “But above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath, but let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation.” James 5:12

  • I am in complete total shock by this heart pounding information about this subject. My father was a Mason & Shriner for over 30 years up until the day he passed. My father was a GRANDMASTER and I even used to help him study his book and I would read along as he would rehearse the scripture from the Blue Book. I have 90% of the debilitating physical disabilities mentioned in this article. I can not begin to tell you besides the physical things I suffer from but it has gone beyond that and it’s completely evil and nobody should have to experience such atrocities because of this brotherhood. I’m definitely a victim of this and other family members. How do you get rid of this demon or curse or both? I need to break this from continuing to run its demonic course!!! Help me cut the chord

  • it’s all evil. at one point I was a entered apprentice until weird this bgs around me started happening and I was ask by brothers to swallow me down..which is a way of selling your soul I believe..I left and rebuked the lodge and will never go back..it’s Satan’s layer not God’s

  • My father moved us to a town owned & started by masons. He knew they were bad and fought for a job for over a year. He didn’t tell my mom he was doing this and it was hell from that moment on. I have one aunt & uncle and their son who were masons. My husbands family goes way back to Thomas Jefferson and almost everyone so far were masons. We have their papers, books, furniture, etc. My house is full of their stuff and am wondering if it should all go. I have been ill for over 30 years and getting worse. My brother committed suicide and my parents had back issues, cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, blindness, deafness, etc. and weren’t masons and hated them. We just had to live by them and deal with all of their issues. It feels impossible and have felt that our family was under a curse the 18 years I lived there. Was also sexually abused, but not my a masonic family member. That happened later by my Mormon doctor of 25 years and was acquitted in a trial. Can’t make this stuff up. We are believers, but are truly struggling with all of this. Feels like I should purge my house of all of their things and make it right. My husband doesn’t believe objects have any power or control but I feel if demons want to use them they can. Both my parents had back issues & surgery. I had back surgery a year ago and have had fibromyalgia for 30 years and it is getting worse. Was seeing an oncologist for five years for bone cancer but was released. Now am losing weight and can’t eat anything and haven’t for 12 years. After all of this you wonder if you are under some kind of curse. We live in a fallen world and it really feels very fallen indeed. Christians aren’t given enough tools to fight this kind of evil off. Thanks

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