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In times of peril like today - with great confusion, strife and stress – the value of having even just one remnant friend over hundreds of friends who are not close to the Lord is extremely important to helping you keep your peace on and making the right decisions in life.   It is amazing who people turn to when times get rough and their lives are disrupted.  Those who are grounded solidly in the Lord and live a consistent life of peace become valuable and rare diamonds.  Those who are of the world who may appear financially successful yet are not of the Lord are usually not the first people you would turn to for guidance and wisdom. When a person has true remnant godly friends in their lives who hear from the Lord, have dreams of the Lord, are blessed by the Lord then when conversing with them you will usually pick up additional wisdom from them when looking to make decisions in life.  You will also receive protection and possibly some provision from them whether financially or at least through godly counsel and wisdom.  Conversely if you have more friends who are ungodly, selfish, perverse, evil, into witchcraft,…

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