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What do you do if your loved one has the Jezebel spirit and does not want freed

I have ministered to thousands around the world who have struggled with the Jezebel spirit.  The Jezebel spirit causes people to behave very controlling, manipulatively, deceiving, and usually sexually selfishly in order to get their own way or in a perverted way.  By the time they come to me, most of them truly want help and within an hour they understand how they got the spirit (through deep father wounds and sometimes extreme mother wounds), and then I lead them through powerfully anointed prayers and the spirit leaves them and they feel amazing instantly for the first time in their life.

But about 10-15% of the time, they do not want that familiar spirit to go, and so it will not have to go.  For you see, only the person that operates in that spirit has the right to command the spirit to be gone.  They have free will and if they desire to keep that spirit, it doesn’t matter what words they speak from a book, the spirit knows they can stay if they do not truly mean it with their entire heart.  And then what happens is that they usually get worse in their desire to control their loved ones because now the person has been put on notice and they decided to keep the spirit instead of doing what the Lord wanted them to do.

So what do you do if you are the recipient of dealing with that person?  The best thing to do is to give them to God and try to limit your interaction with them as much as humanly possible.  If you are married to them, it may mean separating from them in order to actually live and not die.  In order to have any peace whatsoever, by separating you will give yourself a well needed reprieve so you can function, and give them a chance to see that the spirit is truly within themselves and that they better deal with it or else they could lose you.  If  you are a child of a parent that has the spirit, then you will also be able to obtain peace by limiting your interaction with them, but since you will always be their child, there is safety in not being berated verbally all the time in person or over the phone.

If you are a pastor and the Jezebelled person attends your church – how do you deal with them?  For it is truly an awkward conversation to say the least.  But you simply cannot tolerate Jezebel like Revelation 2:20-23 talks about because the Lord will put Jezebel on a sickbed and literally kill her children that she teaches.  I know of a church whose pastor allowed people to operate in the Jezebel spirit and after he was confronted for literally telling his congregation that there was no such thing as the Jezebel spirit, he mocked his confronter and within a year lost his entire church as the Lord shut it down.  If you are a pastor who knows people within your church are operating in the spirit of Jezebel, then you must address it and either get them delivered from it or have them leave your church.  Many pastors call me and have me deal with their people because of the anointing on my life and the high deliverance rate I am seeing.  Some have me come in to their church and speak and then after I share my testimony the Holy Spirit convicts those operating in it and then I lead the entire church through the powerful prayers of deliverance and those that mean it get instantly freed.  Their church becomes pure and clean and on fire for God as revival can now really take off.  They hear more clearly from the Lord than ever before.

But if a person does not want freed from it, you simply must give them to the Lord and their life will get worse.  It is up to them. Many will develop more pains in their bodies that will never get healed, some will get diseases and ultimately they could die an untimely death depending how many people in the church they are trying to influence.  It is not a game that people want to play because God will win.  One woman from New Zealand had the Jezebel spirit and her family came to confront her.  She denied it and took 2 steps to walk away from them….and then died.   The Bible talks about choosing life over death – but since the Lord gives us all freewill – it is ultimately up to each of us.  If you choose to keep the Jezebel spirit, you will die and you will not reach heaven, no matter how anointed you may be.  Your fruit stinks and the Lord knows it.  So it is time to be pure, honest and clean.

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  • Amen. I see the majority of blended families act like little demons to each other; causing great divisions and tremdous hurt to children learning how to act rightly and walk with Jesus. Is this all part of the jezebel spirit? It’s Very disheartening.? The more supportive and loving stance = the more twisting, hate and lashing out, seems to happen. Families can be full of the devil. Lord have mercy ! ???????

    • Blended families have a whole lot of different dynamics at work, children that feel rejected from a parent, step parents who get into arguments with their step children instead of loving them like Christ, etc, etc. One of the parents definitely could be operating in the Jezebel spirit but not all blended families are dealing with that spirit. But when you think about how the Jezebel spirit ultimately develops (through deep father wounds, and mothers who are really Jezebellian) children can definitely start to develop those spirit as they get into their teenage years. I wrote a book called Loving Like Christ : How to Love the Hard to Love People in your Life – that helps people to view others as Christ and to bite their tongues when step children do things that make you want to scream at them. The enemy is definitely at work in the families and it grieves me to see all the pain that hits children from all sides during their developmental years.

  • Hi

    I read your blog and what if the jezebel spirit is apart of one of your family members. How do you confront them about the issue and if they are not receiving/repentance what do you do next?

    • It is very challenging to address the spirit of Jezebel with a family member because they are so close to you. It would be best to get them a copy of my book Restored to Freedom and pray that the Holy Spirit gets them to read it. Some people order from Amazon as a gift so they cannot determine who sent it to them. Some put it in the mailbox with no return address on it. The book was intended to be given to someone with the Jezebel spirit so that they could get delivered.

  • Our Christian son married a young girl who has deep emotional wounds and her mother has been controlling and manipulative her whole life. She is under her mothers complete control even to this day. Her and her mom pride themselves on being “Spirit-filled” Christians with prophetic giftings, but the fruit has been terrible and not of the Spirit. They twist everything we say and do, accuse us of all kinds of false things, and have worked hard to keep our son from having a close relationship with our family and all the friends he grew up with. She refuses to enter into a relationship with us. We have always been a close family who loves the Lord and we have grieved so much over this and prayed and fasted everything we know. They’ve been married for 3 years and when they were engaged we saw many warning signs that we brought before our son. He almost canceled the wedding but each time he was convinced everything would be ok if he just got her away from her mom. But of course that did not work after they got married. She is very vindictive and deceptive and it seems that her and her mom take some kind of weird pleasure in trying to keep strife fueled against our family and put our son on “their side.” We’ve confronted in love but each time it got worse and the lies and accusations only increased. We don’t say anything anymore, just try to give and bless in the natural while taking authority over it in the Spirit. But is there anything else you would recommend? We are grieved that our son’s life is not what it used to be. He used to be involved in ministry and was a strong leader and now he’s not. He’s taken up video gaming which we believe is an escape. We want to see her set free, but she is very stubborn and won’t humble herself and just walk in peace and relationship with us. We want to see our son free. We don’t know what else to do or pray.

    • I would recommend your son to watch my testimony videos on my website as they confirm people who had Jezebel/Leviathan and what happened when they got delivered. Ultimately his wife needs to watch my deliverance video and repent for what she has done and command the spirits to go. She can also watch my videos (can also go to http://www.youtube.com/nelsonschuman67 )

  • What if your 10 year old foster child has the jezebel spirit? How would you confront or deal with that? We belong to a spiritually strong church, and are a christian family. We usually have him pray at bedtime every night that all negative things will leave his mind and heart, and they are not welcome. But after two months, that doesn’t seem to be working. We want to keep him so we can adopt him, but that spirit is wreaking havoc in our home. Causing defiance, disobedience, violent outrages, and very bad manipulation. And trying to drive a wedge between my husband and I. What should we do?

    • This Michigan woman had great success with taking spiritual authority over her adopted daughter and getting her set free and then had her watch my Children’s Deliverance Session video. I would recommend you have your 10 yr old watch my Children’s Deliverance session video. I also have a testimony from a 9 year old girl who got delivered that you can watch.

      Link to the Michigan woman’s testimony https://youtu.be/Qw1RmXFOBZY
      Link to the 9 yr old Canadian girl’s testimony https://youtu.be/PoGhMirzZDU
      Link to my Children’s Deliverance Session video https://youtu.be/Yhm0roHRoQU

  • I believe I am married to a husband with a Jezebel spirit. We have 2 young boys aged 5 and 2. He is always right and demeaning in every situation. The boys love their dad but I don’t want that evil influence on my boys. Is this a situation one can live through until deliverance? I am a believer and I know one believing parent sanctifies a household, but how does this play out spiritually for my kids. Are they protected from this influence? I don’t want to sound naive but I struggle with breaking up families because I grew up in a single parent household.

    • If your husband does not get delivered then he will treat your sons with harshness, control and manipulation that will hurt them and then they will pick up the Jezebel spirit from him on themselves. So he definitely needs to get delivered in order for your family to have peace. I would recommend you have him watch my You Tube video testimonies from men who got delivered as it changed their marriages and families. Then he can watch one of my deliverance videos to get set free.

      Houston couple testimony https://youtu.be/FirJZaU288w
      Indiana couple testimony https://youtu.be/tf4dWtqyD_8

      Video to get delivered https://youtu.be/acLMgaamGn4

      He could also read my best selling book Restored to Freedom available from Amazon in paperback, Kindle or audible

      • Good morning,

        I have the same situation almost 2 years, in my case, what if this man is totally blinded, doesn’t think he is doing anything that is wrong, would not hear and get angry at the word “God”…meaning he would not watch the video…so does my 14 year old,

        My youngest son just got the holy ghost.. praise Go…he was the only one receptive and would go to church with me without big interest..But God,

        dad is living a double life, extremely manipulative, addictive, etc…he tried to convince kids to be happy for what makes him happy selfishly….but I exposed him, which he did not like… kids now have no trust in him because they see him do everything he hated and everything he hated some friend and his father for, for over 20 years til his death…

        so my question is if I cannot pray and stand on God’s promises for my household salvation when my my husband does not want to be freed, am I saying this spirit is bigger than God? Free will or not how is prov 21.1 would be explain…?

        My 10 year old goes to church, pouring his heart out, crying passionately and pray for his dad and brother to be delivered….i strongly believe a lot of thing Dad want to do to continue his quest are being hindered due to these prayers..but living in the same house has been nothing short of painful watching him destroying his life and setting horrible example that he run away from when he was growingup…

        They children love him dearly, and he loves the children much more underneath it all…if I request separation or force him to leave what would that do? I have had countless conversations about him leaving, where he would agree then make no effort…

        I am praying constantly for God to lead me to the answer as to why my children must endure this…

        God gave me the grace, saved me and saved my youngest just this Sunday…while allowing my husband to continue building up wrath for himself…

        Please advise..

        Thank you so much for reading.

  • Thanks for the article I was searching the exact issue from so long and dealing with this spirit from more than 9 years through my wife this took me almost 7 years to find its evil spirit name jezebel but i could not found the way how to deal with this. if i become hard for my wife she curse me destroy my image in society and if humble for her she take benefit of me and destroy my spiritual growth and turn me to a baseless faith in Christ. some pastor suggest us to start ministry and this spirit( till that time i did nor know about its name) will automatically go out when you both will anoint by GOD.But idea was literately very dangerous than we both were struggle only becoz this imparts more pain in my heart while i see people are getting heart by us rather healing and understanding kingdom of god they choose to be slave of mixed and blended teachings through influence of my wife This become more painful now as she turn in to very heavy jezebel and think the nightmares she getting and the problem she face like pain in her body and anger, unconcience sleep and all like that are all blessings by GOD so its good that she is facing these issues coz GOD is anointing her through all these pain and sufferings. now he blame a lot on me and keep me away from church fellows and teaching them same she facing this way people never think of deliverance and become blind. Your article is helpful but if you suggest me personally more about this situation this will be very helpful for me if i become hard for her she may take dangerous step to be alone and if if i cooprate with her and her work she will get more power and proud. please suggest and pray for my family and church believer. GOD bless you

  • It will be soon ten years that I have been married and God revealed me only a few months ago that my husband had Jezebel and Leviathian.( 9 years ago, a lady from my previous church in France had a vision about my son. My son was diagnosed with a really severe scoliosis, that lady said the scoliosis was coming from a snake around his spine. I never understood what it exactly meant until the Holy Spirit revealed it a few months ago: leviathans)

    My husband during those last 10 years cheated, lied, physically abused me and even accused me in front of the police of Criminal damage he committed. He has never taken ownership for his actions. ( his anger/ destruction/ lies even caught..) That night I was almost arrested. I have not been thanks to God. Something happened in my husband’s mind and he finally told the police he did it.
    I have to say that his behavior started changing lately, he is more calm and less aggressive. But I know it is still here…

    I always knew something was not right and that it was “ unusual”
    I do not trust my husband anymore, he always criticized me and made me look dirty or stupid. Some people hated me and I did not even know why those past years. I know now

    I am still always the “ last person “ that counts in his life and all his decisions are made according to his personal Interest. He is extremely narcissistic and can’t ever be wrong. He is used to “ twist” any fact or situation.
    It is overwhelming and exhausting.

    Today, I am in church, who keeps saying I have to love my husband and pray for him. A church who refuses the idea of any divorce.
    When I try to talk to someone, they can’t understand what my life has been and what it is.
    They keep comparing their life, what was their life before they met Jesus and mine. And keep telling me to pray and submit myself to God.
    When I talked about separation, I was told that “ my worse enemy was myself!”.

    My husband is so narcissistic that he thinks he is perfect and issues always come from others ( especially me!) I saw him accusing me of things in front of a counselor that he was used to do!
    I had words given by God for him ( psalm 32), and the urge for him to confess his sins.
    But he keeps saying it was done, and he is clear with God and Christ.

    People who meet him like him because he is socially very attractive, smart, funny. Our pastor loves him very much.
    But I am the one who looks terrible and as a “ submissive wife”, I was told to pray for him and that “there were no strongholds that God could not be take”.”

    He believes in God, but can’t read the word without falling asleep or even pray.
    He does not believe in the devil or Jezebel. It is pointless to talk to him about that.

    But now that God revealed me who was behind him I am having issues to love him, respect him or even being intimate with him! I confront him everytime he lies or everytime the Holy Spirit shows me when he is under Jezebel influence.
    And he steps back now.

    But I keep thinking about my son. What should I do?

    I am just lost between what the church tells me,I really do not feel supported or helped, and I have the feeling I have been living with my worse enemy.

  • Someone spoke from my body and told me “i was born crossed at birth”.also the voice say it was meant for your mother.i am now 73 years of age and cannot remember having a good life with men and i am on my 3rd husband of now being separated which will eventually ended in divorce.i now believed that spirit i was born with is jezebel spirit .i am very sick ,alone and have no friends .childre left me ,stole from me, lied to me and try to manipulate me.i also came out of a high rise fire being homeless for over a year.i am now starting over again since june 30,2018.I AM AN ORDAINED MISSIONARY AND CANNOT GO FORWARD.I NEED HELP NOW PLEASE HELP ME.IN JESUS NAME.

  • While I agree in general with this article I think suggesting a married couple separate is very extreme, I live with an extremely jezebelic person and through patience and understanding she is beginning to realize this and allow God to touch that area in her life, I think the best advice I have is to be able to discern when you are talking to the person or when that person is under the influence of that spirit is to not engage them, if you are in a conversation with them you can just say let’s talk later. Another thing you can do is just cover yourself daily and bind back that spirit. It works for me but patience is a must, engaging an angry person with a spirit of Jezebel is a recipe for disaster.

    • Separating oneself from an abusive person with the spirit of Jezebel / Leviathan can save a person’s life. The Lord had me endure an extremely abusive wife who threw knives, glasses and scarred my arms with her fingernails and I loved her like Christ the entire time for 6 years. Then He told me to separate from her because I would never be able to start my ministry to help thousands around the world unless I did. Many women who are married to strong Jezebels (Narcissists) develop sickness and diseases because of the constant abuse – so if they don’t separate they could die. I know personally of a woman who chose to stay living together until she died from a tumor. Then her husband remarried a healthy woman and within a year she started getting sick.

  • How do you identify for sure if you are dealing with Jezebel? I am starting to realize my mother is my spiritual adversary. I told her I was praying spiritual warfare prayers, and the first time I did, praying to put on the full armor of God, I had an immediate response and was aware of it in the supernatural realm. My mother told me to stop and just trust Jesus. She ended up making terrible accusations about me, refused to apologize, gave me the silent treatment, and was smirking as I was praying aloud while driving her home. I believe she has many narcissistic characteristics. She claims she is “good with God.” My parents are divorced and my Dad called her controlling. She maxed out his credit cards before she left him. When I was 12, she told me she was going to abort me, but changed her mind. She told me my Dad accused her of cheating and punched her in the stomach while pregnant. She has never said she loves me and never been proud. But she can tease and criticize. She is in church every Sunday, and they think she’s a great Christian lady.

  • Milovanka Neasham i pray you see this..i teied posting 8 times..and my cell would not allow me to..i believe that was the Jezabel spirit working.once i said oh God please..it stopped and my post happened.im living your life..even the attempted arrest. I believe you and pray for you..how can i reach you? Please pray for me as well..

  • hi, I recently purchased the book Restored to Freedom , and at first i read little bit, than I put it down, I kept going back and forth , but I finally decided to read it.. and am almost done with it. As I was reading , I could not believe what I had been reading, see I come from alot of dysfunctional, abusive family, I grew up angry, yet I was a quiet person, but doing alot of destructional behaviors.I had lots of hard times including domestic violence. so the generational curses passed on to myself and my children from my family, my father a mason (nights of columbus, american legion), my mom a self proclaimed witch, in short, what I was reading was me too. my behaviors, of control, anger/rage etc. especially towards my husband. I recently admitted to GOD I am a jezebel and I dont want to be like this, I dont want this spirit! I see it in my husband also, especially when I became a christian, so I been battling everyday not only with my stuff but his also. He wont admit it, But I have. I have cried to the LORD for help, and today I seen it in my daughter, and when I told her she didnt believe me, i worry but I also release everything to GOD.. Im not sure I can get my hubby to acknowledge the jezebel spirit in him, any suggestions

  • Hello,thank You for the ministry that God has equipped You for.I am in position where I really don’t know where to turn for help…In recent years I started to understand more about my Mum’s behaviour that became more and more destructive…. Im her life time ,she’s been through a lot and has many wounds from her childhood and adulthood but doesn’t want to speak or mention God at all… Currently I feel like I am under attack ,yet one night Holy Spirit told me in a dream that my Mum has a Jezebel Spirit and He explained why she acts in a manipulative and controlling way… Some days latter I felt like God was leading me to find out about Leviathan Spirit that most likely operates too… Many of my close relatives like her sister ,my Dad and my twin are or have been (some past away) in a same situation… I believe I have been too but God took me out of my family home and over the years started healing me and I received deliverance as well… Recently my Step Dad passed away and my Mum needs more help and support due to her health conditions.I will have to move back to my family home at some point but I feel like the more I grow in my relationship with the Lord ,the more things get intense… The time I spend with Jesus on daily basis allows me to restore my peace until I speak with my Mum over the phone and then everything starts to go down and I end up feeling hurt,frustrated,diflated and sad… Its like an up hill battle that I don’t know how to come out of victoriously… My Mum isn’t very open and I also know that demons can not be counselled … If I may,I would be grateful for prayer and Your advice … God bless You.

  • Hi, i am seeking your advice. I am a young passionate christian and i have been learning about the jezebel spirit and how it works in their “host”. One of my family members seems to display such traits, they go to church, flow in the spirit, but yet those traits are there. The believe that they are living a righteous life, the person is not fond of me but i humble myself and talk because of peace and i am a servant of God. How do i pray for this person, seeing i CANNOT confront them on the topic?

    • You can pray the scales are removed from their eyes and then do not tolerate their evil behavior so either stand up to them or remove yourself from them. Jesus came for division -Luke 12:49-53
      New Living Translation
      Jesus Causes Division
      49 “I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning! 50 I have a terrible baptism of suffering ahead of me, and I am under a heavy burden until it is accomplished. 51 Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I have come to divide people against each other! 52 From now on families will be split apart, three in favor of me, and two against—or two in favor and three against.

      53 ‘Father will be divided against son
      and son against father;
      mother against daughter
      and daughter against mother;
      and mother-in-law against daughter-in-law
      and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.’”

  • please pray for me and my daughters this spirit has tormented our lives long enough. I am a Pastor and I have been operating with this spirit inside of me and I want to be freed please pray for me. I see this spirit operating in my three adult daughters lives. They want to manipulate and control each other. If one does not back down they will not talk to the other or invite them to participate in family outings. Other times the jealousy and rage towards one another has weekend my faith to believe my family will ever be whole and loving each other the way the Lord tell us too. I see it now operating in my pre-teen Granduughter she told a lie about me on just Friday. It breaks my heart to see the bickering, discord, and the distane my daughters have for each other. I just want to leave.

  • Hi-I’m a stepmom to one 14 year old girl. My husband does not have any custody of her and through my time being with him, I have seen his ex manipulate and control the situation.m and not allow him to see his daughter. She constantly plays the victim and whenever we say anything that comes from the Holy Spirit, she seems to get offended and send us Bible verses – basically telling us in a way to get off our high horses. I felt the Lord nudge me to gently call some stuff out with her (my husbands ex) in a response to a message she sent me and was hit with an extremely mean response. After reading her response I felt super confused and had trouble making out the truth from the lies and felt like I did something wrong. After time with the Lord, I realized she was being influenced by a spirit and it affected me. I believe she has a jezebel spirit. My question is how do we deal with it and stand our ground when we can’t cut ties with her because if we cut ties, my husband won’t be able to communicate with his daughter? My other concern is that my husbands daughter is being influenced by the spirit in her home now too. She’s a teenager now and she’s become a bit provocative and depressed. She also has demonic nightmares that her mom just brushes off as bad dreams. How do we pray when our relationship with them is so torn? How do we even have victory over this? I guess I’m feeling a little hopeless here. My husbands ex literally took everything away from him, even custody, but wants to play the victim and say he is all to blame, she never apologizes or sees her faults, and says that he abandoned his daughter. Which isn’t true. He wasn’t allowed to see her – ex wouldn’t let him. What do we do? We are both spirit filled believers. Since I have come into the picture in marrying my husband , the situation has gotten worse. God prophesied over us that we have the Elijah anointing and there will be breakthrough. But it seems to get worse the deeper we go with the Lord. If you have wisdom or prayer tactics, that would be much appreciated.

    • People who walk in the anointing of Elijah must battle Jezebel just like Elijah did. It is the hardest anointing to walk in. Ask the Lord to guide and direct you through standing your ground and not tolerating Jezebel. It is extremely hard – but God will provide a way out.

  • I think my daughter-in-law has a manipulative controlling cruel spirit. If things are going the right way/ her way, all is good, especially if you are of her immediate family. If you aren’t, she uses people and situations to get her way. Could this be an unsurrendered control issue? She appears to be rooted and grounded in Jesus, but the behaviors aren’t loving. Could this be a Jezebel/Serpentine spirit? How do we deal with it? Eleven months of being around her nearly destroy me. Please help with any advice you can. Praying for scales to be removed from eyes, and truth to be revealed to our son/her. How can such cruelty and intolerance be given to one set of parents, but not both?

    • That sounds like a Jezebel and Leviathan spirit. You cannot command demons out of adults who don’t want them to be gone. She would have been wounded growing up (father or mother wounds, sexual violations, etc) so has demons tormenting her mind. She can watch my deliverance videos on You Tube to get educated and delivered. YouTube.com/c/nelsonschuman

  • I am a Christian and I have been saved through Jesus Christ for many years. I recently found out my mom has walked away from Jesus Christ and doesn’t think it is a big deal. Just the other day I found out she has a jezebel Spirit pretty bad. My mom has heart disease and she has health issues with her turning her back on Jesus Christ. I cannot say anything to my mom about Jesus without her throwing a fit. Please pray for my mom-her name is Jeannie Sanderson.

    • Praying. You can send her my latest book Freedom From Soul Wounds and Demons from Amazon and that can help explain to her how her hurts and soul wounds allowed demons to gain legal rights to her and Jezebel and lead her through healing and deliverance.

  • I’ve just lost my husband to a mother who has the Jezebel spirit and has infiltrated Christian Charities and a non- charismatic church that doesn’t preach spiritual warfare wtc. SHe reacted to me within 3 seconds of meeting me and demanded my Spouse cancel the engagement. She was emotionally verbally and physically abusive to me and my husband. Even threatened to make him divorce me after our child was still born. Our baby girl was deemed unholy and unclean and not good enough for Jesus (lies of the devil). She even verbally abused me in front of family, but in the end after 16 years of worsening health (mine and husbands), she manipulated him to leave me. Like a switch was flipped and his behaviour was not the man I knew and loved. They added stuff to my food and drink, hidden recording devices, financially manipulated me (I had long term sickness) and she had raised him to do nothing around the home. I had suffered from cancer for 3 years (slow growing) and then had signs of cancer, I was chronically fatigued for years doing everything (it was never good enough or even enough). The CFS masked the signs of cancer and bedridden and suffering effects of abuse by proxy, husband left me. Mother In Law plotted the whole thing as I soon learnt they did with his previous marriage and like the previous wife I was accused of being an abuser. meanwhile they legally said I had overpowered him to stop him leaving, thruth was I medically couldn’t stand up because I had 3 types of cancer. SHe got what she wanted, to destory another marriage and the same theods of leaving and false accusations of abuse was used for me. I am left recovering from cancer, I had been deliberately isolated and gas lit and now fac being made homeless. All my money gone, I am apply for welfare. This evil spirit operating in my mother in law lied about what she did and the amount of control exerted on her children and husband and grandchildren is frankly sacrely. How this spirit operates to manipulate my loving husband into being abusive and blaming me is scary. Holy Spirit discerned it and I didn’t call her out, however as things were being added to food and she believed she was abusing people on orders of Jesus, I had asked my Husband and family to get advice from a professional. He didn’t and so now I have lost everything I worked honestly and hard for. I know it’s not Lord’s fault, Its not really my husband’s fault, he literally switched personalities overnight. I am left feeling Joyless due to cancer medication, (not bitter or angry or hate because as daft as it sounds I still love them very much). Its by God’s grace I survived cancer, had it been left any longer, then I may not have. Please pray for the love I have for my Husband to stop causing me pain. THis spirit may have gunned for everything in my life (this woman refuses prayer and avoids being prayed for), but I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord. The enemy didn’t get my life or faith. However, this spirit is still trying to manipulate my future as she has forced Husband to divorce me. No one apart from Mother In Law saw this coming and people who knew his first wife even said they are shocked its happened again. I have lost the love of my life, my babies (constantly miscarried and still births) and my Mother In Law has even used her Christian CHarity connections to deliberately destroy my own parents standing in their local church. I do wonder why GOd allows these people to cause so much illness, damage and toxicity to people. It will take me years to fully heal from the damage, but I praise God I am still alive. Jezebel is serious, but always know that the one who loves within you is greater that what is in the world and Jesus has already won the victory. God Bless.

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