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The Lord wants you to enjoy adventure in life

Life is an adventure.  We do not know exactly how each day, month or year will turn out.   It is a series of seasons that we all go through.  Some seasons are hard, tumultuous and scary.  Some seasons are enjoyable and has fun surprises in store.  But ultimately the Lord wants us all to trust Him the entire way and not get into fear, frustration or anger at any time.  When we totally trust the Lord we can relax when we are going through a tough season of life, knowing that God is working all things for our good. In a real sense the Lord wants His children to take various adventures in their lives.  In my own life I have gone from a regular corporate job for my entire career up until 2013 when I began to transition out from a regular paycheck to having to depend on the Lord to provide all of my income.  It took several years for me to learn to completely trust the Lord and now i have no regular income to depend on.  My only sources of income are from donations, speaking engagements at churches and conferences and home meetings, royalties from…

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