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How to find the real deal and marry a godly mate

So many people in the world simply want to be loved unconditionally by another person in a committed and trusted marriage for a lifetime. Unfortunately, most people have been hurt when growing up in their childhoods by fathers or mothers who were not present, distant, unloving, critical, controlling, or at the worst case of the spectrum - had abused their children emotionally, physically, and even sexually. Then when the child grew up, he or she heard thoughts in their minds that they thought were their own but were not. The enemy whispered thoughts into their minds such as "Your father did not love you," "You cannot trust your father to protect you," "Your mother wishes you were never born," "Your father hates you," "It is all your fault," "You cannot trust anyone in your life to protect or love you," etc. The enemy whispered these thoughts to them, causing them to believe that the thoughts they were listening to for a lifetime were the truth. Therefore, they began to replay those thoughts in their minds thousands of times, over and over throughout their lives. They began to reason that they could not trust anyone else in their lives and that…

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