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People who have sweet dispositions, good hearts and gentle spirits are prime targets for people who are more type A personalities who want to tell you what to do, how to do it, and are generally very controlling and ungodly people.   People who love to control and manipulate others will always have a stronger pride and will often act like they are godly but behind closed doors do very ungodly and worldly behavior.  They will try to convince their victims that they are in relationship with, that their victims are actually not good and need their help in order to live a good life as they are not capable of being godly without them.  They will twist scriptures. They will usually talk down to their victims, preying upon their victim’s weaker abilities to stand up to them and over time brainwash their victim into believing that they are much better people then their victim.  Those who are the weaker person would be walking in the Ahab spirit while the stronger, more controlling abuser would be operating in the Jezebel spirit.  Whenever you see a person operating in the Jezebel spirit you will be able to see whoever they marry take…

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