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People around the world all get hurt growing up in various ways.  Most are hurt emotionally through hurtful words from people (often their own father or mother, a step-parent, other relatives, siblings, friends, etc., ) and some are hurt through physical or sexual abuse (or simply being touched sexually from anyone or shown pornography).  When we get hurt we will remember what happened to us as the demons tell us over and over again how evil those people were who took advantage of us so that we cannot truly forgive them in our hearts which gives the demons legal rights to continue to speak to our minds, giving us negative thoughts of anger, fear, anxiety, depression, impure sexual desires, etc.  Then many of those who were wounded come into the church and never get their soul wounds healed or delivered from their demons and continue to hurt people (usually their spouse, children and certain people that they target in the church).  About 85% of marriages (and relationships) consist of one person who has the spirit of Jezebel and Leviathan and another who has Ahab.  They work in tandem with each other but never have true godly intimacy.  So to understand…

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