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The more lives you change for the Lord the more spiritual warfare you will contend with

It's a given.  The more people's lives that you affect in a positive way for the Lord, the more that the enemy will come against you.  But I would not have it any other way.  It is who I have become.  Since 2009 I have endured some extreme opposition from the enemy due to the calling in my life.  The Lord has called me to help people who have been affected by the most challenging spirits th enemy has.  The Jezebel and Leviathan spirits.  And I will never back down from the enemy until I have seen millions around the world set free.  I have seen many thousands currently that have been set free, so I have some more work to do. Who has the Lord called you to be?  Are you able to withstand some enemy interference, uncomfortableness, lies from people and pain in your life?  Or do you shrink back into fear and are persuaded to do less for the Lord so that your enemy warfare will be less?  If you are determined to accomplish great things for the Lord, then you will contend with great resistance from the enemy.  But it will be far worth it in…

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