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Learning that I had an authority in Christ changed everything

I had been a spirit filled Christian my entire life but no one ever told me about the greatest life-changing revelation until June of 2009.  A man from California explained to me that we could actually do the same things that Jesus did, but only if we learned about our authority in Christ.  I had never heard of this revelation before and was greatly intrigued. He explained to me that when we truly knew that we had the power of Jesus Christ living inside of us, then when we prayed we would expect to see the same results that Jesus did.  That the enemy could only keep spirits affecting us and infirmities on us as long as we did not exercise this authority.  It made a lot of sense to me when he explained that for the first time in my life. So upon learning about this revelation, I commanded the enemy spirits to go from my son, who had been afflicted for 10 years, and overnight he changed from being a disrespectful, argumentative 18 year old boy, to a loving, gentle and kind young man.  I wondered why the pastors in church never told me about this life-changing power…

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