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Every day people write to me asking how they can get their spouse or loved one delivered from the demons tormenting their minds.  We must understand first and foremost that if the person is not your child and is over the age of 18 that we cannot impose our desires over their own choice of freewill.   They can keep living the same way they always have and continue to allow their demons legal right to torment them if they want to.  If the person is our child and 18 and under then we do have legal rights to an extent to command the demons to be gone.  Of course if we are the ones who have hurt them or your spouse then its best to apologize to them and own your own issues so they can forgive you for what you did to hurt them which takes away legal rights of the demons to torment their minds. Then you can take authority and command the demons to go.  If they have been satanic ritually abused then usually it will be more of a process to help them forgive those who have hurt them and then taking authority to cast the…

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