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Are you limiting God from being able to bless you?

Do you like to receiving blessings and favor from the Lord?  Do you like connections that God makes for you divinely without having to call anyone to make it happen for you? Do you like to be surprised by checks in the mail, walking in divine health from the Lord and having peace 24/7? Do you like to be blessed with an all expense paid vacation to a tropical paradise in the middle of winter? Who doesn't love that kind of life? Yet many of us are living lives that block the blessings and favor from occurring  due to wounds in our souls from others that have hurt us where we still have unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, jealousy, pride, controlling / manipulation and even what would be considered operating in witchcraft, even though we have attended church or have operated in a ministry for many years. When we operate out of a wounded soul we do things that are of the enemy and not of God.  We are not pure and righteous before the Lord and when we are hearing the enemy whisper to us in our minds, we do things to others that are not good.  We betray confidences out…

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