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I will start by premising this blog by stating that if you are trying to resolve a conflict with a person who has not been healed of their soul wounds and delivered from their demons then you will simply frustrate yourself because the other party will usually not be able to rationally discuss much of anything and cause the point of contention to not be addressed while they take you around in circles.  They will often manifest into anger and accusatory tones and blame you for not agreeing with them.  Thus it is impossible to resolve conflict in a healthy way with anyone who is not healed from their past wounds and delivered from demons (which is most all people in the world and many in church).   Sorry to have to make that disclaimer but it is the truth.  People who largely hear demonic thoughts in their minds (most all people) will have personal agendas, selfish motives and ungodly intentions of their hearts and not play by healthy rules.  They have been used to escalating themselves in anger and talking on and on in order to wear people down to give them what they demand. Most people learn over time to…

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