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Ready or not – it’s time – evil is upon us and God’s people need to step it up and start confronting in boldness, truth and love – no matter how angry people might get and how much spiritual backlash we receive from the enemy.  Too many people for too long have simply given the reins over to ungodly people to control.  Those who threw the biggest fits in order to get their way usually had others give in to them in order to try to shorten their temper tantrums and keep the peace.  Unfortunately God's people allowed the enemy to take over our government, schools, churches, Hollywood, health care and most every other organization over the recent years.  So to reverse all the evil that has been going on for way too long it will require God’s people to stand up to people operating with evil demons to reverse many years of perverseness and corrupt tolerance of living. The spirit of Jezebel causes people who have been hurt in their pasts growing up to desire to control, manipulate and dominate other gentler people, especially in the church.  They have a lot of pride and know if they just raise…

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