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The Jezebel spirit causes people to lie at a very devious level

I recently had met with a woman at a cafe who had been struggling with her marriage.  She had grown up with deep rejection wounds from her mother and father.  She had already suffered from three divorces and was in her early 30's.  Her husband had reached out to me a few months earlier, desperate to help her get freedom from the enemy as she had behaved extremely abusively towards him during their short marriage.  He loved her greatly, yet the spirits inside of her were extremely controlling, manipulative as well as verbally and physically abusive to him. In my conversation with her at the cafe, I had explained how when a child grows up with feelings of rejection, harshness, control and manipulation from a parent (or both), how the enemy starts to whisper to them that they are not wanted, they cannot trust their parents, and that they will need to trust no one in their lives.  That they must be extremely controlling of their circumstances and get their own way on most everything.  The enemy whispers to them constantly and torments most every decision, totally unaware to them.  Their spouse receives the full brunt of their pain once…

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