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Think about where your thoughts are coming from

Have you ever thought about.....where your thoughts are coming from?  Most people don't.  They simply assume that all their thoughts....are their own thoughts.  When in reality our thoughts come from three places.  Our own, the enemy's and the Holy Spirit or the Lord.  Most people in this world do not hear from the Holy Spirit so their thoughts either come from their own or the enemy's.  But many who attend church and call themselves Christians also hear from the enemy, much more than they would think.  If you are walking in anxiety and fear much of the time in your life, then you are hearing from the enemy on a regular basis.  If you are angry and take an offense easily, then you are hearing the enemy whisper to you.  If you feel rejected constantly, then the enemy is talking to you. Think about it....you hear a thought that goes like this "Your husband does not love you like you deserve.....he is the reason why you don't feel loved....he argues with you all the time.....you deserve someone better....you need to divorce him and find someone who will cherish your heart and treat you like you deserve....your husband is the reason…

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