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The Bible says that by His stripes we were healed – and i believed it

Since learning about being able to walk in true divine health simply by realizing that we have all power and authority over sickness and disease due to Jesus Christ dying on the cross and rising again, I have been healed from all that the enemy has tried to come against me with since 2009.  It has truly been amazing for me to witness as I had no clue that Christians could do that before I was told about the greatest secret that the enemy does not want us to know about.  It is definitely something that the enemy wants to come against us learning about, and you do have to fight for it in your mind, as that is where the battlefield takes place. Since the Lord told me back in 2009 that I could be healed from everything that the enemy tried to put on me the rest of my life, but ONLY if I did not get into fear, because once I got into fear I was on the enemy's territory and there was nothing He could do to heal me at that point.  God said that all Christians could walk in divine health, but only if they…

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