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Have you ever thought where your thoughts come from?

Have you ever sat down and thought where your thoughts are coming from? Most people rarely do. They just speak out whatever thought comes to them and then hurt other people that receive those words.  They just state "that's just the way I am - I speak my mind."  They do not have true love and compassion on those that they are speaking to and just expect people to "deal with it." Unfortunately so many in the world have no clue that their thoughts came from the true enemy in this world.  The thought was planted by the enemy, then the person receives it and agrees with it, then speaks it out, hurting all that are within earshot.  It is so important to think before one speaks, to discern what the ramifications will be. It is one thing if the person does not have a personal relationship with the Lord, as who can expect a lost person to be loving, kind, gentle and compassionate with others if their heart is not of the Lord.  But when a supposed Christian, who attends church regularly, and is being taught that we are to love like Christ loved the church, spews forth words…

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