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The Lord Wants To Restore Us To Enjoy Childlike Fun and Innocence

So many people have had the innocence of their childhood stolen by the enemy through a myriad of circumstances (lack of a father’s presence in the home, verbal / physical or sexual abuse, controlling mothers or fathers, sexually molested by a friend, family member or parent, loss of a parent). When a person grows up void of a healthy environment, the enemy is able to hurt them from the beginning and many go their entire lifetimes struggling to recover the innocence that was lost. Many struggle with healthy marital relationships, causing them to choose people who have demons who then torment them even more, causing divorces and having their own children to get hurt in the similar ways that they were harmed. There are few people in the world who know what it was like to grow up in an environment of unconditional love, joy and peace with healthy fun to enjoy a normal life. They never were able to laugh with their moms, dads and siblings as all they knew was arguing, strife and tainted love. They never were able to simply enjoy a walk in the park, bike riding on an adventure, swinging and playing with the true…

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