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The Jezebel Spirit Often Causes A Person to Have Physical Infirmities

There will often times be some physical afflictions on the controlling person that is being tormented by the Jezebel spirit that prayer may temporarily bring minor relief from but never seems to be able to get the person completely set free….because the tormenting spirit will not allow them to be healed since they have a right to co-exist in the body.  Also if you are a woman whose husband has the controlling spirit, then you will usually also suffer from physical infirmities and some could be debilitating and deadly as the verbal assaults take a toll on your body, mind and spirit. I know of several that have died from cancer in their 40's after suffering years of verbal abuse from their Jezebel husband.  Therefore the person will become frustrated by not being totally delivered from the pain in their body. Some of the common physical pains in one’s body include: Neck pain and tightness with possible restrictions in movement of head from side to side.   Tension in the face or eyes. You can see the anxiety and fear and anger in their eyes.   Shoulder and back tightness or pain that never seems to go away even after…

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